Yes, we’re not cruising this winter.  It hasn’t been too cold yet but we’re feeling a definite lack of warm sunshine!  It’s fun being home and seeing our friends.  We’re also busy doing ‘nesting’ things.  I’m updating our decor (paint, curtains, etc.)  Skip is building furniture.  Bailey mostly sleeps on the couch.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves whereever they are!  Here’s a quick look at the highlights of the Moondance crew this past year:

A full plate
Christmas at Exuma Park

Moondance and Onward from the air
Moondance and Onward at Staniel Cay for New Years

Sundowner party
Many Sundowner parties on the beach

Where's Nemo?
Fun with my new underwater camera

Class C races
Watching the race up close!

beach team - Compass Cay
Fun hikes with Mike and Angie (and Joe who is taking the picture!)

Woo Hoo!  First night of vacation
Our favorite boat guests, Rick and Eva

Handsome fellow
New friends–a bit surly…

Floating in paradise
My Happy Place

Morning fog in Myrtle Beach
Traveling the waterway

Lady of Lorien leaving Hampton
Skip leaves on Lady of Lorien…made it to Bermuda and bailed out…LOL makes it home to the UK safely after a rough trip

Anchored in La Trappe Creek
Easy summer Chesapeake Bay cruising

Mom's visit
We drive to Florida and bring Mom back for a visit (here with my sister and her daughters.)

The good life
Bailey enjoys the good life

Alan loves crabs! I got to spend more time with my brother than I can remember since we were kids.

With my brother and sister in Sanibel. We were ‘there for each other’ as our mother always instructed us

Skip's new Uke!
Skip’s guitar shrinks (nah, it’s his new ukelele!)

Jen and Bill enjoy steamed crabs

Hurricane Irene Damage
We survive Hurricane Irene (but our only tree doesn’t)

My Mom dies unexpectedly, leaving a huge hole in my heart

Twin Lakes
Fabulous aspen colors in Colorado

Jen's Office
Jen starts her own speech therapy practice in Denver

And too many more happy memories to post!!