Annapolis Sailboat Show

We visited the Annapolis sailboat show for the first time in 3 years.  The past 2 years, we were already heading south by this time.  (Also, no more room on the boat for purchases!)

We decided to volunteer at the boat show since we really didn’t have anything better to do and were happy to get free admission tickets.  We manned the National Sailing Hall of Fame booth for a 2 hour stint on Friday and Sunday.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous–warm and sunny. 

Sandbagger at the NSHOF

Working at the Boat Show
Handing out literature

It was fun meeting people and telling them about the NSHOF.  We saw lots of folks that we knew and I finally got to meet Chris and Janet (s/v Brilliant Star) who followed my blog and are now starting out on their cruising adventure.

Chris and Janet
Janet and Chris

On Friday, we met Al and Arlene (Blue Heaven) for lunch.  It was fun getting caught up since we last saw them at Staniel Cay on New Years.  We were happily surprised to see Elliott and Ina (Windfall), our former Sabre friends who now live in New Bern.  Dinner with them on Friday was a great chance to exchange seas stories.  We also caught up with Joe (Onward), of course. 

I didn’t go on a single boat.  It was too much trouble to take my shoes off.  Elliott had a funny story to tell because someone took his shoes and left a similar pair only they were a size larger!

What did we buy?  I found new boat shoes and some nice stemless wine glasses.  We both got new light-weight rain jackets and we sprung for a really nice new pair of binoculars.  Ours were so old and the technology has greatly improved.  My most exciting purchase was a set of ‘marriage savers’–wireless headsets that we can use when anchoring, docking or picking up a mooring.  I sure hope they help!  I get so frustrated when Skip is at the helm and I’m trying to do something and all he can say is ‘I can’t hear you’.

Saturday night we rafted up with Flicka (AKA Calypso), Comocean and Walkabout in Clements Creek.  What a blast!  Great food and company.  JoAnne on Walkabout is taking her boat to the Exumas this year so we exchanged a lot of information.  Comocean is spending the winter in Charleston.

Rafted with 3 other boats in Clements Creek
Rafted in Clements Creek

How big??
How Big??!

Cuban pork tenderloins on the grill
Cuban Pork Tenderloins on the barbie

A serenade from Bob
A moonlight serenade

Phyllis, Bob and Rick
Phyllis, Bob and Rick

Joanne and Dave
JoAnne and Dave

Eva (or is it Tanya?)

We should have a few more good weeks on the boat before we tuck her away for the winter. I’m sad that we’re not heading south but with all the stuff I need to do to settle my mother’s affairs, I’m glad that we decided to stay home.

I must end with a photo of Bailey (he’s the real star of the blog!!)

Bailey and his new toy
Bailey loves his sheepie. The newest one is lambchop!