We’re in Colorado visiting with our cruising friends, Mike and Angie and Skip’s daughter Jen and her husband Bill. The weather has been gorgeous–warm and sunny. It’s taking me a long time to get used to the dryness.

Mirror lake

Mirror Lake

Twin lakes

Mike and Angie have a cabin in the mountains near Fairplay (over 9000 ft). The last time I saw them was when they left the dock in Hampton, VA for the ocean crossing!

They took us on a scenic drive up to Independence Pass. At peak season for Aspen trees, it was breathtaking.

What a great time. We really missed Angie’s cooking and Mike’s G&T’s!

Aspens in full Fall colors

Aspen groves painted yellow




Coming down to Denver, we stayed with Jen and Bill and our Granddog Jackson. It’s all about baseball playoff season here. Not the Rockies, they’re big Yankees fans (oy!)

They take us out to the best places for food. Pronto for pizza, Lucile’s for brunch and Jerusalem for gyros. Even just hanging out on the porch with margaritas is a great time here!

We took a day trip to see the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs. It’s a national historic site with spectacular jutting red rocks. You can also watch all of the rock climbers and wonder why anyone would want to do that!


Heart shaped rock


We’re heading home tomorrow and looking forward to attending the Annapolis boat show for the first time in 3 years. Look for us at the National Sailing hall of fame — we’re volunteering on Friday and Sunday!

(This is my first attempt at blogging on the iPad. It’s a little challenging but I hope it publishes okay)