I’ve been chastised for not blogging!!  I guess being at home is not as interesting to write about as cruising…

The summer has flown by.  We spent a very nice week sailing in July until it got too hot and we scampered home.  The Sabre club rendezvous at the Sailing Emporium in Rock Hall was a blast.   We kept our first boat there over 15 years ago and the marina is still one of the best on the Bay.
Sabre club at Sailing Emporium
The Sabre Club crowd

Rick and Phyllis watching the sunset
Watching the sun set in Rock Hall

Sailen Whalen and Eagle tack up the Chester River
Sailen Whalen and Eagle tack with us up the Chester River

Afterwards, a few boats headed up the Chester river for the week.  Unfortunately, by Tuesday it started to really heat up so everyone decided to bag the week in favor of air conditioning. 

Swimming with Bailey
It was so hot, even Bailey went swimming!

Skip’s daughter Jen and her husband Bill flew into Baltimore that week for a visit.  After the hot, dry weather in Denver, the oppressive heat and humidity of Baltimore in July was quite a change for them.  We all agreed that it was a good move to go to plan B instead of sailing.  We visited the aquarium and the Visionary Art museum in Baltimore.  We also enjoyed one of Skip’s all time favorites, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles airport.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a ‘must see’.  They have all the stuff that they can’t display in the museum on the Mall; including the Blackbird spy plane, a Concorde, the Enola Gay and an entire space shuttle all under one roof.

Visionary Arts Museum
Skip, Jen and Bill at the Visionary Art Museum

Of course we had to see a baseball game (they’re avid baseball fans.)  The good news was that we had great seats.  Bad news: it was the second hottest starting temperature in 15 years–over 100 degrees!  It wasn’t a great game (the Orioles lost as usual) but we did enjoy the dawgs and premium-priced beer. 

Before they headed back out west we had to eat some steamed crabs.  For non-Baltimorians, they really love crabs.  It cooled off enough by Monday for us to sit outside at Cantler’s and do some picking!


I learned a lot from Jen and Bill about my new iPhone (which I LOVE!)  The 3 of us were constantly comparing notes while Skip complained about his lack of a smart phone. 

Did I mention that I love my iPhone?  I’m truly addicted.  I’m currently stumped at Angry Birds but I just discovered Plant vs Zombies which is hilarious.  Let me know if you want to play Scrabble or Words with Friends.  I could never get anyone to play Scrabble with me so this is perfect.  Growing up, my brother and I played a lot and we were ruthless.  Maybe that’s why no one would play with me…

While home I spent a lot of time getting my sewing room in order.  My machine was in the shop for over a month but now it works perfectly.  I cleaned out my fabrics and craft supplies of lots of old stuff.  Got rid of bags of fabric and craft doodads on freecycle.  What a great concept!

I just finished my first quilting project which is really a ‘practice’ quilt.  I haven’t done anything in a while so I needed to practice the techniques. 
Practice Quilt
Practice quilt- using fabrics I’ve collected over the years
Practice quilt detail

I also pieced another quilt using the Androsia fabric that I found in the Bahamas.  This one is ready to quilt (hence the safety pins.)

Androsia quilt
Bahamas quilt

Other than that, I’m enjoying seeing friends, hanging out with my sister, cooking and being home.  We have some longer boat trips planned for when the weather gets cooler.  In case you didn’t hear, we’re not going south this winter.  We want to go to New England next summer and it’s too hard to get home and leave again so soon.  Now we’ll see what else there is to do in retirement!