We just got back from a leisurely cruise to the Choptank River.  When we arrived in La Trappe Creek on Sunday the beach was full of people on small power boats.   They all gone by sunset, leaving us with a nice, serene evening.

A glassy day on the Bay
Motoring across a glassy Bay

Bay water is not like the Bahamas
Bay water is not like the Bahamas

Watch out for fish traps
Watch out for fish traps!

In the morning, we dropped the dinghy and took Bailey to shore where he had the whole beach to himself.  He waded in the water just like in the Bahamas.  Too bad the water isn’t as clear. 

Bailey also likes wading in the Bay
Bailey goes wading again
La Trappe Creek
La Trappe Creek

As I was wandering along the shoreline and thinking about how much fun it was to look for shells in the Bahamas I spotted a piece of seaglass!  I only found 2 more pieces once I started looking.

Chesapeake Bay sea glass
Chesapeake Bay Sea Glass

It wasn’t too hot so we started working on a few boat projects.  I scraped some barnacles off the waterline.  We tried to schedule a diver to come and clean the bottom but it hasn’t worked out yet.  I also cleaned off the residue from taping and varnishing along the toe rail.  After that, I was hot enough for a swim! 

The good life
The good life!

We intended to move on to Oxford in the afternoon but got lazy and decided to stay where we were.  On Tuesday we moved to San Domingo Creek in Broad Creek.  The last time we were there was on our old boat so it’s been over 6 years.  It’s called the ‘back door’ to St. Michaels because a short dinghy ride takes you to a public dock used by watermen.  From there, you are only a few blocks from Talbot St. which is the main drag in St. Michaels.

We had 2 goals: crabs (for me) and ice cream!  The steamed crabs at the Crab Claw were delicious.  The air conditioning made our lunch even more enjoyable.  After ice cream at Justine’s we went back to the boat and tried to stay cool.  Thunderstorms passing north and south of us finally cleared out the hot, sticky air overnight.

Sunset in San Domingo Creek
Pink glow in San Domingo Creek

We took Bailey ashore in the morning to walk along the nature trail that starts from the little park by the dock.  It wasn’t there the last time we visited San Domingo Creek. After a stroll through the maritime museum and town we returned to the boat for another lazy afternoon.

On Thursday we moved back across the Bay to the Rhode River. Winds were light so I think we may have sailed for 1/2 hour! As on the trip over, we rounded the southern end of Tilghman Island rather than deal with the lift bridge in Knapps Narrows. After all those bridges on the waterway, I don’t mind avoiding the few bridges on the Bay!

After anchoring in the Rhode River we spotted our friends, John and Caroline, motoring around in their new Rosborough 25 pocket cruiser. They tied up and gave us the grand tour of their new boat. It’s a nice little boat that has the advantages of being trailerable and they can keep it on a dock behind their house in the South river. After a lovely dinner, the Lady C broke off to try their first night at anchor.

The Lady C
The Lady C

We headed back to Annapolis on Friday morning. Now we have some projects to work on before we go on the Sabre club northern Bay cruise later this month. The main project is to fix the head and holding tank–leaky, smelly and cranky!!