I’m still here…just a little remiss with blogging.  Skip is happy to be home after trying out an ocean crossing and not liking it a bit.  Lady of Lorien had a rough trip the rest of their journey from Bermuda to the Azores and they are finally getting close to their homeland.  They should make landfall in Falmouth, England tomorrow!

We had a delightful sailing weekend over Memorial Day.  After so much motoring on our trip north, it’s a relief to head out of Back Creek and put up the sails!  We sailed under the Bay Bridge and all the way to the mouth of the Chester River before turning off to anchor in Swan Creek.  The wind was coming directly from the south and we didn’t feel like tacking.  The next day we met up with Bob and Phyllis (Comocean) and Michael and Julie (Running on MT) near Cacaway Island on Langford Creek.  It’s a beautiful uncrowded spot with plenty of room to anchor. 

Our Sabre Club raft up was on Saturday in Gray’s Inn Creek just a few miles away.  We were joined by 10 other Sabres for the annual wine tasting hosted on Comocean–the newest and largest Sabre in the club.  It didn’t matter that the Catalina club also chose the same location.  There was plenty of room and I think we out-partied them!

The wind on Sunday made for a perfect sail back across the Bay.  Since we had to head up and tack to make it under the bridge we decided to turn off into the Magothy River.  Popular Eagle Cove was chock full of boats enjoying the beautiful holiday weekend.  Since we didn’t want to go back just yet, we decided to anchor out one more night in Mill Creek.  The breeze died and it got very hot as the sun set.  It was a long, sticky night.  We got up at 7am and headed back to our slip.  We were home and comfortably air-conditioned by 10:30am!

Over the next few weeks we drove south on the Tour du Moms, visiting both of our mothers and bringing mine back to Baltimore.  For some fun stops along the way we visited our friends Norm and Jaye near Ashville, NC and the resident Floridians in Port St. Lucie.  I celebrated my birthday and Jim and Sue’s house along with Jim and Binnie, Jack and Sue and we finally caught up with George and Julie (Seaquel).  I couldn’t think of a better way to turn one year older!

The time spent at my mother’s house in Ft. Myers was not much of a vacation.  I wore myself out helping her go through and get rid of stuff.  I’m amazed at what she saved!  I found a diary that I kept during my senior year in high school–how mortifying!  I was glad to confiscate it so no one else could read about my teenage angst.  An interesting discovery were letters that my father wrote to his mother when he was in college.  We did clear out some junk but there’s a lot more to do.  She wouldn’t let me near her china closet full of chachkes and clowns (how scarey is that!!)  It was a long 2 day drive home.  I found driving on I95 much more tedious and boring than the ICW. 

Last weekend, we headed out on Friday night and picked up a mooring in Annapolis to meet up with Joe (Onward) who was passing through on his way north to New England.   We enjoyed a meal at Lemongrass with Joe and his friends Myles and Lorena (Ariel).  It was just like old times…

Saturday night was the annual summer sailstice Margaritaville raft up hosted by Rick and Eva (Calypso).  We got to Crab Creek on the South River first and became the anchor boat for the party.  We were joined by TJ and Mary Pat with 6-month old Liam on board.  Even though Liam was too young to enjoy the Painkillers, he was the life of the party!
Margaritaville Raft up

Margaritaville Raft up

Since we weren’t in a big hurry to get home we decided to meet up with Joe again in Annapolis harbor.  After running some errands with him in the dinghy we met up with some of his friends at Eastport Yacht Club.  I was reluctant to go there because I didn’t think we’d know anybody–wrong!  Every time we turned around we saw someone else we knew.  Maybe we’ll think about joining EYC–it was a lot of fun.

I’ll try to keep up with blogging because it’s hard to get caught up!  I also haven’t been taking many pictures…

We’re looking forward to some easy, fun and hot summer sailing!