Well, he made it to Bermuda but decided that ocean sailing is not for him.  I got a call from him last Friday and he requested that I buy him a plane ticket home from Bermuda.  I had been following their track online and reading Mike’s blog and I could tell that they had horrible weather.  They were routed pretty far west and south to avoid a large storm approaching Bermuda.  The storm caused large seas (and even higher than normal tides here) and in light wind it was very rolly.  When they turned towards Bermuda they were on a close reach with a double reef in big seas with squalls.  Lady of Lorien does not sail with any canvas other than the dodger so they were out in the weather.  They finally arrived early Saturday morning after travelling over 1100 miles.  The rumb line distance is 650 miles.

When I picked Skip up at the airport yesterday evening he said that he was very uncomfortable the entire trip.  He did get seasick a few times but mostly he just couldn’t get comfortable with the movement of the boat in high winds and seas and he didn’t think that it would get better over time.  He said that he couldn’t see himself being very helpful for the rest of the journey when he was so miserable.  He felt bad about leaving Mike and Angie short a crew member.  They will have to do longer watches with just 3 people aboard.  Hopefully, they’ve seen the worst of the weather for their crossing!

So, now we’re on to Plan B!  I was hoping that Skip wouldn’t come home and say that he was done with sailing.  Thank goodness, he didn’t!  We have a long list of things to work on and fix on the boat but we’re looking forward to some nice, easy sailing on the Chesapeake Bay this summer.

As for me, I was getting used to being on my own and it wasn’t too bad.  I’m so glad to have Skip back home because I really missed his company.  Bailey is a good listener but he doesn’t have much to say!