Yes, we’re home…got here last Saturday.  I guess I’ve been avoiding updating my blog because that would mean that our Bahamas adventure 2010/11 is over.

We left Great Bridge and entered the Bay on Tuesday leaving all of the bridges and narrow waterways behind.  It’s very liberating to enter the wide open waters of the Bay where you don’t have to keep your eyes glued to the day markers and constantly look behind you for speeding boats.  The wind was not behaving as predicted.  We ended up traveling mostly dead downwind–the most difficult to sail as the mainsail constantly wants to move from one side to the other.
Entering the Bay
Entering the Chesapeake Bay

We decided to anchor in Jackson Creek near Deltaville to have protection from the strong southwest winds.  Jackson Creek has a very tricky entrance–a narrow but deep channel that snakes its way into the creek.  We went first and called out the depths to Lady of Lorien and our friend Nick on Shickster behind us.  (Yes, we all agree that Shickster is a horrible name for a boat.  It belonged to his friend but now he’s bringing it back to Ontario for the bank.  I keep calling it Shyster!)

Pride of Baltimore II
The Pride of Baltimore II passes us on our way North

I have a deep respect for crossing the mouth of the Potomac River and didn’t want to leave if the weather conditions weren’t good.  We awoke to calm winds and seas that eventually went East and provided us with a good sail to Solomon’s Island.  We pulled into Calvert Marina well after all the dock hands went home.  Good thing Mike and Angie were already there to help!

We joined Nick at the restaurant nearby for crab cakes and beer–we’re back in Maryland, hon!  (IMHO, it’s only safe to eat crab cakes in Maryland.  If you ever see ‘Maryland Style’ crab cakes on a menu in another State, be very skeptical…)

Lady of Lorien decided to stay over in Solomon’s Island but we braved the chilly, wet weather to finish the last 40 miles to complete our journey back in our same slip in Annapolis.  It was comforting to pass by familiar sights…Choptank light, Bloody Point, Thomas Point.  The rain held out until we were just off Thomas Point and we motored into our slip in driving rain.  It was so miserable we decided to just wait until Saturday morning to pick up our rental car and head home.

We were both up early Saturday morning.  It’s hard to break the practice of getting up at dawn.  I packed up some stuff to take home while Skip got the car.  Bailey was so excited to see his house again.  We’re adapting pretty quickly to living on land again.  It’s a strange feeling to have so much space and it’s so quiet!

We went back to the boat on Sunday to pack up all of the food and clothes.  Our water line is now a few inches higher!  Our friends Bob and Phyllis stopped by to welcome us home and we enjoyed catching up with them during lunch.  We also met Rick and Eva for dinner in Annapolis.  It’s strange that they’re all just getting ready for the sailing season and we’re busy cleaning out our boat!

At home we have most of the boat stuff put away.  I exercised the washer/dryer–nothing feels as clean as when it’s washed in my own washer!  We’re fixing a few things around the house, finished our taxes and dealt with an errant letter from the IRS (not a good thing to find when arriving home!)   Everything worked out great with our house-sitter.  She did a great job taking care of our house and Bailey hardly noticed that a cat lived in his house for the past 6 months!

Our main task is to get Skip ready for his ocean journey.  He’s leaving with Lady of Lorien in a few weeks to help them take their boat back to England.  I will continue to blog about his status.  You can also follow their trip on the Atlantic Rally to Europe website.  They’re leaving from Hampton, VA on May 5th and traveling through Bermuda and the Azores.  I have to figure out when they might arrive in England so I can fly over.  (Surely you don’t expect me to go across the ocean on a boat!!)