Normally when Bailey gets upset on the boat he pushes the chairs and cushions around or flips his food bowl on the floor.  Yesterday morning as we were getting ready to leave Coinjock he jumped ship and ran away.  Skip was helping the boat behind us leave and when they didn’t judge the current right and plowed into our dinghy I tried to help fend them off.  When they finally got away I looked around and Bailey was gone. 

We frantically searched along the dock and looked in the water.  I was starting to panic when a guy way down the dock asked if I was looking for a dog.  He said that he saw a dog wearing a life-preserver running down the middle of the road.  He hopped back in his truck to help look and Mike and I started running down the road.  I could see the guy pull over and get out so I assumed he spotted Bailey.  As I ran closer calling his name he came running out of the woods.  He was almost 1/4 miles away!  I guess he got so scared that he just started running.  Now we will have to tether him (which he hates) but we can’t go through that again!

I thanked the guy who stopped to help.  Without him, we wouldn’t have had any idea where he went.  I’ll never say anything bad again about Pittsburgh Steeler fans!

We made it to Great Bridge, VA after a windy sleigh ride across Currituck Sound and waiting for 3 bridges to open.  We were passed by a tug and barge and were hoping that the bridges would open for him.  They usually open for commercial traffic even if it’s not their scheduled opening.  Darn, the tug operator didn’t reserve an opening and he waited with the rest of us.
Waiting for the bridge to open
Waiting for the bridge to open

Bald eagle
This was the 3rd bald eagle we saw today

We arrived at the free dock on the north side of Great Bridge just before the lock.  Luckily, we caught up with Nick (our fishing boat captain on a sailboat friend who we met at West End) and he helped us tie up.  Later, Stanley on Corsaire came in.  He’s the friendly guy who operates the pump-out boat in Annapolis all summer.  As he puts it he’s “the #1 guy for the #2 job!”
The guys
A common sight when cruising–A bunch of guys telling sea stories and drinking beer

After a miserable week of traveling in bad weather, we’re happy to sit out the storms today.   

We did have a nice evening in Moorehead City, NC a few days ago.  Skip’s sister Nancy was nearby on vacation so they stopped by for a visit and dinner out.  It was an unexpected pleasure to spend the evening with Nancy and Don and their friends at a nice restaurant nearby.
Nancy and Skip
Nancy and her favorite brother

The next day we made our way up the Neuse River and across the Pamlico River to catch up with Lady of Lorien near the entrance to the Alligator/Pungo canal.  Although it was windy, it was from behind us so the crossing of the Pamlico was bearable.  It got very rolly in the center but it was a short trip over to the other side. 
The sunset was the reddist I’ve ever seen

The next day we went through the canal (about 20 miles of the most boring straightness) and anchored on the north side as the winds were really honking.  There were small whitecaps all around us and the boat swung wildly in the wind.  If you’ve never anchored outside of the Chesapeake, you would never believe that an anchorage could be so rough!  We knew that the Alligator River bridge wouldn’t open in high winds and there’s very few places to hide out so we just made the best of it.  When the strongest squall came over we saw the wind meter climb to 48 knots!

Stormy skies
At anchor with storms on the horizon

A rainbow lands on Corsaire

As we prepared to leave the next morning we heard alarming news on the radio–the Alligator River bridge was broken!  We decided to head up that way anyway with the hopes that they would get it fixed.  We ended up anchoring nearby for about an hour until the bridge tender announced that they would try to open the bridge.  It actually worked out to our advantage because once we finally got through the bridge, the winds started to calm down and we had fairly decent conditions for crossing the wide Albemarle Sound.

The whole parade of boats that came across with us tied up at Coinjock marina.  After fueling up, washing all of the pollen off the boat and showering we enjoyed a delicious steak dinner at the restaurant.  We were joined by Bob and Sloane on Cheers, a Sabre 362, who are members of our Sabre club.  We also met John and Anne on Phoebe V, a Gemini catamaran that followed us up the waterway from Mile Hammock bay.

The weather looks good tomorrow to begin our journey up the Bay.  I will be glad to pass through the last bridge on the waterway and travel in the wide-open waters!  Stay tuned, we may get home this week!
Great Bridge, VA
Moondance docked just past Great Bridge