We’re anchored in Mile Hammock bay (Camp Le Jeune) after a really ugly day of motoring in the rain and wind.  We left Wrightsville Beach under cloudy skies this morning.  The weather forecast did not predict all the rain and wind we had today.  We actually had to anchor before the Surf City bridge because the winds were too high for the bridge to open.  At times it was raining so hard that it was practically a ‘white out’.  We could barely see the next marker.  Thank goodness for the chart plotter!  To add further insult we were hampered by the current the entire trip, sometimes only going 4 knots.  As we approached the anchorage a fleet of marines on small boats passed us.  I’m sure they thought we were crazy for being out there by choice!

We had spent one night anchored in Wrightsville Beach after a few very nasty, chilly days in Myrtle Beach.  What a change after those nice, warm days in Charleston.  I actually had to put on long underwear!

We spent a fun evening with Justin and Catherine on our last night in Charleston.  Justin picked us up at the marina and took us to his house.  It was so great seeing the boys again.  They changed so much in just a few months!  We had a real adventure when they took us for a drive in their new golf cart to a nearby restaurant.  On the way back the lights wouldn’t work and we almost got pulled over by a cop!

I got a good nights sleep in a real bed for the first time in 4 months!  Justin brought us back to the boat early the next morning.  We took the shuttle into town and visited our favorite spots–82 Queen for lunch and the market. 

We left the next morning after the refrigeration repair man installed a new part.  Our DC refrigeration is back in operation although it still needs another new part to complete its repair.  As we crossed Charleston harbor a large container ship asked us to keep clear of the channel.  No problem, we said, we’ll wait! 
Charleston harbor
Lady of Lorien passes a container ship.  We decided to give it the right of way!

South Carolina waterway
South Carolina Waterway

We spent a quiet evening in South Santee rafted up with Lady of Lorien.  We almost forgot how to raft up because we never do it outside the protected waters of the Chesapeake.  It was a calm night–perfect for G&T’s and a delicious Thai shrimp dinner on LOL.

The next day we motored up Winyah Bay past Georgetown and into the Waccamaw River.  This stretch of the waterway is full of twists and turns lined with cypress trees and teeming with wildlife.  We saw bald eagles, osprey, dolphins, turtles and one rather large alligator. As we approached Myrtle Beach I put a turkey breast in the oven to cook.  We enjoyed a turkey feast with all the trimmings just after arriving at the Grande Dunes marina.

The next day brought cold, drizzly weather–the kind of day I just want to curl up in a blanket and read.  I spent most of the morning doing laundry while Skip and Mike looked at our engine.  Late in the day yesterday the engine started overheating slightly and spewing steam out the exhaust.  They diagnosed it as having an air pocket and dosed it with coolant.  It’s definitely something we’ll have to keep an eye on as my least favorite thing is to motor all day with my eyes glued to the temperature gauge!

We ended up not visiting any of our friends near Myrtle Beach. It was too cold and nasty to think about going out. We did have a fine meal at the restaurant nearby called Waterscapes. The marina gave us 2 for 1 discount cards. We had some free entertainment at the docks provided by the nesting geese. Bailey chased them off the docks and got hissed at.

Leaving Myrtle Beach at first light was foggy and brisk. The fog quickly burned off as we cleared the 2 bridges on the way to Wrightsville Beach. I don’t mind long days of motoring as long as it’s sunny and bright.
Morning fog in Myrtle Beach
Morning fog
Skulling in early morning fog
Sculling in the morning
New Sunset bridge
What a beautiful sight– the new high-rise bridge replacing the Sunset Pontoon bridge

We’re still discussing what’s next. There are a series of fronts coming through in the next few days. Do we stay here and wait for clearer weather? I vote for not travelling in the rain!