We’re still in Warderick Wells waiting for the wind to die down.  It’s been blowing 20 knots for the past 3 days.  The noise is enough to make me crazy!  I went ashore one morning just to walk around.  Skip’s knee is still a little swollen so he stayed aboard.

I visited Stinky the Whale, the remains of a baby pilot whale found on one of the islands.  Mike and Angie (Lady of Lorien) helped articulate the bones.  The Park plans to build a display case for Stinky and move him to the deck outside the Park office.  BTW, he’s named Stinky because the skull took a while to lose its decaying odors.
Stinky the Whale
Stinky the Whale

So what do we do when we’re stuck on the boat for several days? We read, do jigsaw puzzles, make jewelry, clean, bake, nap and use wifi. In the evenings we play games for happy hour and watch movies at night. Pretty mundane stuff but it does help pass the time.

We’re planning to leave tomorrow and head north to Norman’s Cay and maybe Allen’s Cay. The weather and seas should be settled enough to cross to Eleuthera on Monday. We may stop in Spanish Wells or, if the window is really short, continue up to the Abacos overnight. I’m not thrilled about travelling at night so it depends on how comfortable the conditions are. I’m not sure where I’ll post from next!