Now that we’re on our northward trip we decided to stop at our favorite places in the Exumas one more time.  We anchored one night off of Sampson Cay and visited their fuel dock in the morning to top off our fluids. 

Our next stop was at Cambridge Cay where we visited our favorite beach for swimming and viewing sea life.  Just walking along the shoreline we saw many baby conch, crabs, rays and even a large turtle.

Moving on to Warderick Wells we decided to stay in the North mooring field until the next front blows through before heading to the Abacos.  We thought about leaving yesterday but our esteemed weather man, Chris Parker, is off this week and his substitute just doesn’t provide the information we need to make an open water crossing decision.  (Maybe we’re just procrastinating because we don’t want to leave the lovely Exumas!)
I think this ray spotted me taking his photo

Saturday night we attended the bonfire party on the beach with all of the other cruisers staying here.  We met lots of nice folks including Scott and Chris on Sangaris, a Manta 42, from Annapolis.  It’s their first trip to the Exumas so they invited us to lunch on Sunday to ‘pick our brains’ about where to visit.
Our private beach
Our favorite beach

Bailey doing his favorite thing
Yet another picture of Bailey running on the beach

Everyone brings their own drinks to the beach party so we packed up some pineapple rum mixed with tonic.   (Sorry, Rick…your bottle might not make it to Annapolis!)  After that was gone, Park Warden Henry continued to ply Skip with rum so he would play an extra guitar supplied by Mark on a 29′ Bayfield (forgot the boat name and didn’t get a card.)   Mark was really good with sea songs and Skip played along on his Tacoma Papoose  guitar (bet you don’t have one of those in your collection, Bob!)

We made some progress on the ‘stench’ problem yesterday.  We’ve had an intermittent odor coming from our holding tank area.  Since it’s an air leak and not fluid, it’s pretty hard to trace.  Once again, we took everything out of the starboard locker and I climbed in to try and find the leak (Skip still claims he can’t smell it.)  I found a strong odor emanating from the new shut off valve that Skip installed between the macerator pump and the holding tank.  Since we don’t have the right size hose to remove the valve we wrapped the whole section in heavy plastic and duct tape.  If Homeland Security says that plastic and duct tape will save us from poison gas, why wouldn’t it prevent odor leaks!  Skip also tightened one connection.  It’s much better now…hope it lasts until we get back and can deal with it properly.

I also flushed out the bilge with salt water and Simple Green cleaner to help freshen it down below.  Maybe I have an extra sensitive sense of smell but I can’t deal with nasty smells on a boat!

Today, Skip replaced a part on the head that was leaking.  Yay!  I think we’ll take a break from boat work tomorrow.

Floating around
I swam today while the tide was slack.