We finally left Emerald Bay Tuesday as the winds and seas settled down.  It blew steadily for over a week!  The marina was a really nice break for us.  We hadn’t stayed in a marina since we left Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos in November.  I liked walking to the beaches and using the showers and laundry whenever I wanted.  The laundry was an adventure as people came in to do mountains of washing.  I don’t know why some people feel entitled to take all of the machines in such a small and busy place (but I won’t go there!)

Our friends Rick and Eva arrived in Georgetown on Friday evening.  Since we were likely to be stuck in the marina we rented a car for the weekend.  We picked them up at the airport and drove just a few miles north of the marina to Big D’s for dinner.  What a fun place!  The conch salad is reputed to be the best so we had to try it.  Just before the meal was served the power went out so we ate by Eva’s Kindle light!

Woo Hoo!  First night of vacation
Rick and Eva enjoying their first night of vacation

The chilly and rainy weather from Friday night was replaced by clear sunny skies on Saturday.  It was just like Christmas as Rick and Eva unpacked the goodies they brought from home.  There were only a few boat parts this year along with a new collapsible water jug (one of ours leaked), a new sun shower (ditto), a new puzzle book, some Rx’s, batteries, a kitchen timer (the electronic one bit the dust) and a Lendle!  What’s that?  It’s Rick’s Kindle that they’re lending to us to try out!  Rick is now a member of the iPad cult and doesn’t use the Kindle any more.  Skip has already adopted it and loves it.

We took a road trip on Saturday down to Little Exuma to show our guests the sights we saw earlier in the week.  The main reason to drive down there was to sample the amazing food at Santana’s Grill Pit again!

On Sunday we drove down to Georgetown and took the water taxi over to Stocking Island.  Sitting on the beach at Chat N’ Chill sipping Kaliks is a true Georgetown experience!  There were tons of boats in the anchorage which reaffirmed our plans to bypass the Georgetown scene this year.

I love a Kalik in the afternoon!
Chattin N’ Chillin on Stocking Island
Chattin & Chillin

In the evening we joined folks from 2 other boats on Onward for Joe’s famous pizza.

Our guests were leaving on Monday afternoon so we filled the day walking the beach, basking in the sun on Emerald Bay beach and dining by the pool.  As Eva said, this meal completed the triumvirate of Bahamian dining–lobster, grouper and conch!
Lunch by the pool
Eva & Rick
Our favorite sailing guests

On Tuesday morning we waved goodbye to Joe and Melanie as they were heading further south to explore Conception and Long Island.  Joe tried very hard to convince us to join them but we had already decided to move northwards back to the northern Exumas to prepare for crossing back to the States in March.

Light SE winds with some remaining swells made it easy for us to get out of the marina entrance and turn north.  The winds and seas laid down during our motoring trip to Cave Cay cut.  We anchored off of Musha Cay close to where we were before.  It was a beautiful spot for resting and relaxing the rest of the day.  As we played a round of Quiddler and watched the sun set we both saw the green flash for the first time this year!

Too bad we forgot about the disco/techno music that the resort on Musha Cay blasts all night to discourage people from anchoring there.  It didn’t keep me awake and it was quite danceable!

We sailed with light winds up to Black Point on Wednesday and anchored near our friends Heather and Chris on Legacy. In the afternoon we took Bailey to his favorite beach where he ran with his ‘girlfriends’ Minnow and Kira from Legacy. Heather served a delicious chili and cornbread meal in the evening as we traded our sailing stories. They sailed from Alaska down the west coast and spent a lot of time in Mexico.

Again, we saw a little bit of a green flash after the sun set!

Our current plan is to mosey our way north for the next week and then start looking for a window to cross to the Abacos. We’re really enjoying just being lazy and taking short trips between the islands. It’s a good time to relax as we prepare for the trip back to the States next month.

BTW, I’m sitting in Lorraine’s Cafe using wifi while listening to some French Canadians Skyping right under a sign that says ‘No Skyping’!  Don’t you love it!