We’re on a vacation from cruising! Moondance is docked at the Emerald Bay marina just about 13 miles north of Georgetown on Great Exuma Cay. At $1/foot (without electricity & metered water) we’re enjoying showers, free laundry and wifi along with walking distance beaches, grocery store, liquor store and bank. You have no idea how great it feels to stand in a shower and let the water flow after 2 months of boat showers!

Emerald Bay
Emerald Bay beach

We were sad to say goodbye to our friends on Lady of Lorien as we left Staniel Cay on Thursday to head south. They’re moving northwards as they need to meet some friends in Marsh Harbor at the end of the month. We motored south in light winds and seas to the anchorage behind Musha Cay. There’s a beautiful private resort and beach on the island. When the island was owned by David Copperfield, people weren’t allowed to anchor there. It’s a good spot–protected and close to Cave Cay cut.

We spent a quiet calm night anchored behind Onward. Friday morning we entered the Exuma Sound through Cave Cay cut. Seas were calm with light winds from the Southeast (right on the nose!) Cave Cay cut was very easy–narrower than Galliat Cut but deep and no waves.
Bailey is exhausted!
Bailey is exhausted!

Emerald Bay marina was highly recommend by fellow cruisers the past few years. The only issue is the entrance is open to the Sound from the NE. Entering swells can make it uncomfortable in high winds. We were advised to ask for I or J dock. After seeing what it’s like on I dock, D dock (closest to the facilities) seems about the same or better than where we are.  As the winds picked up last night, the boat pulled back and forth on the lines–lots of squeaking and snapping of lines!

We walked on the beach yesterday, swam and had a drink at the pool bar. Later we went back to the poolside restaurant for dinner–delicious seared tuna!
Melanie and I enjoy Bahama Mamas by the pool

Looks like we’ll be here a while waiting for the winds to settle down. I’m not complaining!
Rough seas outside the marina
Choppy seas outside the marina entrance

Hanging out in the lounge
Hanging out in the lounge