We’re anchored off Staniel Cay waiting for the grocery store to open with fresh goods from the mail boat that arrived last night.  To recap the past few days…

We awoke early in the morning anchored off White Point on Great Guana Cay to the dreaded washing machine effect of wind chop and current.  We couldn’t get out of there fast enough…we even left before making coffee!

It was calmer anchored off Sampson Cay.  We took a nice walk to the beach where Angie and I swam while Bailey ran and paddled.  After topping off our water tanks we motor-sailed up to Cambridge Cay using the shallow south entrance.  It’s a little tricky but with good waypoints, there is enough water to get in.  We spent a restful afternoon at Honeymoon beach, swimming and exploring the shoreline. 

In the morning the water around us was calm and glassy–a good time to go snorkeling!  Mike and I went to the aquarium to see all of the colorful fish and coral.   We enjoyed snorkeling around until the big barracuda showed up.  They sure are mean looking!
Sea Aquarium
Lurking barracuda
Sea Aquarium
Sea AquariumWe came to Staniel Cay hoping to get some fresh groceries.  The mail boat had not yet arrived yesterday so we went ashore to walk around and find lunch.  We had a delicious meal at a new place called Taste and Sea.  The food was really good, reasonably priced and served by friendly staff–a winner!

Yesterday we called Jen and found out that their dog is doing much better but they still need to stay close by for his recovery.  Sadly, they won’t be able to vacation with us next week.  We’re all disappointed but so relieved that Jackson is doing better.  He’s a real sweetie!

Our grand-dog Jackson

Last night we were treated to the lovely sound of 2 Honda generators on boats anchored near us. One was running continuously from about 10am to 10pm. The other was on the boat behind us where the folks turned on their generator and left in their dinghy. I think there should be a rule that anyone running a noisy generator should have to stay on board and listen to it!

As the weather does not look great starting on Saturday we’ve decided to part with our good friends on Lady of Lorien and head to Georgetown tomorrow.  The weather looks reasonably well so we’ll try and get as far south as we can on the Banks today and make our way out into the Sound and south to Georgetown tomorrow. Stay tuned…who knows where you’ll hear from us next!