We’re currently anchored off Sampson Cay marina after a run down to Black Point for laundry.

While we were still at Warderick Wells the wind blew steadily and strong from the Northeast for 3 days.  It was also chilly at night.  At least we were in the lee of the island and could go ashore for walking the trails.

As we switched to our second water tank we needed to think about heading out for supplies.  Joe picked us up some much appreciated fresh vegetables when he visited Staniel Cay.  But, we still needed water and fresh sheets!

Leaving Sunday morning we had a beautiful sail down to Black Point.  The wind was around 10-15 knots on the beam–perfect!  Lady of Lorien stopped at Staniel Cay to pick up a package and then joined us in the anchorage.   Later,  we went ashore for dinner at Lorraine’s Cafe.  While there we met a couple more Brits and enjoyed dinner together.  It’s interesting to hear what the Brits talk about when they meet as opposed to Americans.

Monday was washing day–four loads of laundry and we’re good for another few weeks.  A front with possible squalls was expected in the afternoon so we took Bailey for a short walk on the beach before heading back to the boat.  Sure enough, the sky darkened, a rainbow appeared and then we got a good rain shower.  I quickly grabbed my deck brush and rain jacket and was out there scrubbing off the accumulation of dirt and salt with free water from the sky!

Rainbow at Black Point before the squall came through
Rainbow over Black Point

We watched the moon rise and the sun set at the same time
Moon rise while the sun sets

The forecasted passing of a front turned out to be a non-event overnight.  We awoke to calm, bouncing seas along with moist air and fog.  Since the boat was rolling like crazy we hoisted the anchor and headed out.  The fog wasn’t as ‘lifted’ as we thought and visibility was only around 1/4 mile.  Good thing there’s not much traffic!  We turned the radar on and also saw a few passing boats on AIS.

As we passed Staniel Cay the sun finished burning off the fog and we motored up to Sampson Cay for fuel and water.  It was much easier approaching their fuel dock than at Staniel.  Everything is more expensive here but I think the ease of access is worth it.

Anchored off Sampson Cay marina
Anchored near Sampson Cay

We anchored nearby and dinghied ashore for lunch at the Sampson Cay club.  The service here is very friendly and the food is really good.  We also purchased some groceries in the marina shop.

Sharks hang out near the docks

Lunch at Sampson Cay
Lunch at Sampson Cay Club

Angie and I took Bailey to the beach for a nice walk.  The area behind the marina is almost dry at low tide and we walked all the way out to the center of the waterway.

$50 worth of groceries in the Bahamas
$50 worth of groceries in the Bahamas

Since we had a large lunch, we enjoyed ‘nibbles’ for dinner on Lady of Lorien and settled in for a quiet night under an almost full moon.  Today we’re having lunch ashore again.  Lady of Lorien is heading back to Exuma Park to fix their outboard motor.  We’re staying another night and plan to move to Cambridge Cay on Friday to sit through the next cold front this weekend.  There’s no wifi at Cambridge so you probably won’t hear from me until next week!
Bailey loves a dinghy ride!
Bailey loves a dinghy ride

Moondance anchored off Sampson Cay
I used to try and take perfect pictures of our boat. Now I don’t even care if there’s laundry on the lines!