We’re back at Warderick Wells enjoying the beautiful Exuma Park. We met up with Mike and Angie (Lady of Lorien) again and have had some great evenings of wining and dining along with beach picnics and snorkeling. Angie made a world-class beef dish soaked in Guinness with pickled walnuts. It was so delicious and tender, you could cut it with a fork. I cooked a good, old-fashioned brisket the way my mother used to make it. It was so yummy. The only thing missing was some kasha on the side.

The last front that came through was a doozy. In the middle of the night we could see the lightening and storms approaching. When Bailey’s ‘radar’ went off, he kept me awake as the thunderstorms moved through. It was quite scary as the lightening strikes seemed really close. We awoke to a freshly rain-washed deck along with cooler, drier winds.

Last night, a select group of cruisers were invited to the Park house to help the deputy warden, Chris, celebrate his birthday. Even though the weather turned ugly (windy and chilly) we weren’t about to miss a good party! Henry cooked up some chicken and ribs (out of this world!) and we all brought sides and desserts. It was great fun talking to the park staff and meeting some other cruisers. The Bahamian Defence force guys did a superb job of serving (strong) drinks. SOME of us had a little too much to drink which made the dinghy ride back to the boat in the howling wind and sea spray a little hairy. Just to clarify, we took Mike and Angie with us as their dinghy is not behaving at the moment. So, out of the 4 of us, you’ll have to guess who was feeling no pain. It was the first time I used my poncho in the dinghy and it helped me stay relatively dry. I found that a large poncho is the best protection in a wet dinghy ride although it can flap about and make it difficult to see.  I will post some photos later as I need to get them from someone who had a camera.  I didn’t want to risk taking my camera along in the dinghy.

Moondance and Onward from the air
Photo of Moondance and Onward from the air taken by Chris Parker as they left Staniel Cay

Bailey was ready for the pirate party. Unfortunately, it started at 9pm by which time we were ready for bed! I did hear from a friend that Johhny Depp and family were there. I would have liked to see him (just to say that I did!)

Exuma Sound
This is the location of several nice beach picnics on the Exuma Sound side of the island

The Great "Stick Disaster"
The Great Stick Disaster– Bailey’s favorite stick broke in half when it hit a rock on the beach. We’ve carried it from the Chesapeake Bay for the past 3 years (you can’t always find a good stick on the beach!)

Joe's Birthday Bash
Joe cooked dinner for us on his birthday–What a guy! We were joined by Mike and Angie (Lady of Lorien) and Melanie (currently staying at Exuma Park)

The first really calm, warm day we took the dinghy over to the remote beach for lunch and snorkeling. I figured out how to set my new waterproof camera and had much better luck taking pictures.

We're having fun!
Having fun on the beach

It was so calm one morning that we could clearly see the shipwreck off our boat. It burned and sank on a mooring several years ago. There’s not much left. The fish were swimming about enjoying their ‘reef’

Some movies we enjoyed watching recently are the HBO series “The #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” (we need to find the last disk in the series) and “Mondovino” – a bargain bin documentary about the international wine industry–very interesting!

Joe is leaving today to meet up with his son and girlfriend who are flying into Staniel Cay. We’re going to stay a few more days until the wind settles down. Next on the agenda…maybe a trip north to visit Norman’s Cay followed by another round of stocking up on water, food and clean laundry!