We rode out another cold front that came though the Exumas last weekend. The moorings in Exuma Park are secure and protected from a lot of the wind and waves. That said, the wind had us with our stern only about 20 feet from a rocky shore…not too comforting! Again, we all slept on the sette berth when the wind picked up Sunday night. It was rocking and rolling! Since I didn’t sleep good all night, most of Monday was spent napping and reading. I couldn’t do much else.

Joe thought the wind would calm down by Monday night and he invited us over for pizza. It was still too windy and cold for us to venture out. If there are whitecaps in the harbor, it’s too windy for a dinghy ride IMHO! Several other boats did make it over there. He called to taunt us on the radio for being wimps but we ignored him!

By Tuesday it finally calmed down enough to go ashore. Bailey appreciated a nice run on the beach. In the afternoon we hiked around the trail to the beach and up to Boo Boo Hill. It wasn’t very warm due to cloud cover. Joe invited us over to grill dinner. (We often do a ‘bring something for the grill dinner.) Skip made his famous Manhattans. I don’t drink them but everyone else sure likes them. Both of them got a little toasted and were just yacking away, making philosophical observations. Joe let me do a crossword on his iPad so I was happy. I could sure use some female companionship as I am constantly outnumbered.

The mooring field in the park cleared out on Wednesday morning, including us. We motored down to Staniel Cay and found our favorite anchoring spot near Thunderball grotto to be empty. The third anchoring attempt was the charm. The first time thought we were in water that was too deep; the second time was too shallow; the third was juuuust right!

As it was past noon we quickly dropped the dinghy and headed to shore for lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Skip had to make sure that the cheeseburgers were up to his standards (they were!) We ran into lots of folks we had met at the park, including Melanie who is traveling with Bob & Deb on Ancient Mariner. They joined us for lunch and then invited us on board as they were staying at the dock. Their boat, a Gemini catamaran is beautifully decorated–it was featured in an article in Coastal Cruising magazine. They also have 2 dogs aboard. Deb showed us some of her beach finds including what she thinks is a conch pearl. Really cool! I’ll have to start looking for one since I’ve given up on finding a message in a bottle!
Cheeseburger lunch
Cheeseburger lunch at Staniel Cay with Melanie, Joe (Onward) and Deb (Ancient Mariner)

We stayed for the happy hour which began at 4pm. There was no way we’d make it to the pirates party at 9pm. We saw Al and Arlene from Blue Heaven who we had met a while back in Wrightsville beach. After a few drinks we went back to the boat for the evening. Bailey was with us and he didn’t much care for the noise and crowds.
Al and Arlene (Blue Heaven) with the Moondancers
Al and Arlene (Blue Heaven)

The mailboat came in today. How exciting–fresh food! We took a nice dinghy ride around the point to Big Majors, also know as Pig Majors. The pigs trotted out to see us but we didn’t want to get too close! They can be pretty aggressive and they are big!
Little baby pig is trying to follow Mama
Swimming pigs!

I just heard Lady of Lorien arriving at Exuma park this afternoon. We plan to hook up with them next week. After weathering 45 knot winds in the Abacos, they’re happy to settle in for a while at the park. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and there will be a dinner at the yacht club. Joe invited Chris Parker (of weather reporting fame) to stay on his boat. I’m excited to meet the man who’s voice I hear every morning at 6:30 am!
lobster and fish medly
Diver’s fresh catch of fish and lobster.

The weather is supposed to be great for the next week–yay!!!  We’re just going to mosey around and enjoy the beautiful beaches and islands.