We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We certainly did!! The weather cooperated with calm winds and beautiful, sunny skies. We enjoyed a Christmas Eve celebration aboard Onward. Joe invited us, Chris and Heather (Legacy), Sandy and Tom (Anania) and Doug and Sherry (Bad Boy) for drinks and lots of delicious appetizers. I made Julie’s Thai spring rolls and they were awesome!

Yesterday the park hosted a Christmas potluck meal at the warden’s house. Henry (the Park Warden) cooked turkey, ham, dressing and mac & cheese. Everyone brought dishes and desserts. I made a sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and pecans on top. There were about 50 people there and we enjoyed meeting other cruisers and sharing our stories.

A full plate
Skip had a full plate

View from the warden's house
View from the Warden’s house

Earlier this week I made a batch of cranberry orange scones.  They’re gone already!  I also went over to Onward one morning and helped Joe bake bread and biscotti.  His ‘breakfast’ biscotti with dried fruit, nuts and rum are da bomb!  He gave us a small bag yesterday and they didn’t even last until lunch!

He had his sewing machine out so I patched our Bahamian ensign.  It’s only been flying for a month and it’s already tattered.  West Marine needs to look into a better supplier!  I also patched Joe’s American flag which was really pitiful.  He forgot to purchase a new one so he put pieces of 2 flags together.  I called it the ‘franken-flag’.

Here’s the latest on the continuing saga of the Garmin XM/weather receiver…  The Park picked up our new receiver that arrived at Staniel Cay on Thursday.  Skip had the unit out on the nav desk while he was working on it.  Since the new one wouldn’t even come on he hooked up the old unit and it worked!  It’s receiving XM radio and weather (even though he canceled the subscription.)  He’s not sure why it’s working now but it will only work when it’s away from the other electrical devices.  There must be something interfering with the signals.  Anyway, it’s sitting out on the nav desk now.  He’ll wait and see if it continues to function and will find a place to mount it under the electrical panel.

Today we’re hunkering down for another strong cold front to blow through for the next few days.  We’ll take anything off that can blow away and pull the dinghy up to keep it from bashing around.  We hope it will let up by mid-week so we can go to Staniel Cay for New Years.