Another front came through last weekend with an entire night of steady rain–very unusual for the Bahamas.  As I lay in bed listening to the rain I was thinking of how we could trap some fresh water.  In the morning we saw that the dinghy had about 5 inches of rainwater.  We pumped the water into 2 sun showers and 2 buckets–free water…woohoo!  I used one bucket to rinse some clothes in sudsy ammonia.  That’s a cruiser’s trick.  There’s no need to rinse the clothes and they dry smelling fresh and clean.

Emerald Bay
View of Emerald Bay

I saw the lunar eclipse on Monday night as the sky was clear and the moon was covered by a orangey cloud. It was freaky looking!

Moonrise sunset
Full moon rising while the sun sets

The weather forecast was for calm conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday so we decided to make the trip about 26 miles south to Black Point to do laundry and stop at Staniel Cay on the way back for fuel and water. After a motor sail down on the Exuma banks we arrived at Black Point and anchored off of the laundry dock. There were only a few boats there and most of the townspeople were off visiting family in Nassau for Christmas. I received a warm greeting from Ida at the laundry. She was busy running the grocery store as well while Mrs. Adderley was away.

We did 3 loads of laundry (oh my, fresh sheets!), dumped our trash and delivered 5 boxes of school supplies for the All Grades school. The school was closed for the holidays but Ida promised to get the boxes to them. We’ll stop by on a future visit to meet the principal and see all of the kids.

We lucked out with getting groceries at Black Point. The mail boat came in that day and no one was around. We had our pick of fruit and vegetables that came in fresh that day. I bought 4 dozen eggs–for us, Onward and Legacy.

Yesterday morning we motored north around 8 miles to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club to get fuel and water.  Unfortunately, the package from Garmin (replacement XM/weather receiver) did not arrive yet due to a mix-up with the credit card.   We motored back to Warderick Wells as the wind was light and directly in front of us.  As we approached the mooring field we saw that large power boat was on the mooring ball assigned to us.  The Park tried them on the radio without success so Joe offered to go over and tell them they had to move.  We circled outside the harbor and they eventually left–without much apology.

It’s a holiday week.  That means that there are plenty of chartered boats from Nassau here with either wealthy people or non-cruisers aboard; most of whom are pretty clueless.  The majority of the boats here last night were French Canadians who chartered boats from Nassau.  The boat next to us was having fun feeding a barracuda to a nurse shark and were completely unaware of the rules regarding disturbing the wildlife in the Park.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner last night hosted by Heather and Chris on Legacy.  Bailey enjoyed playing with their 2 Portuguese water dogs Minnow and Kira on the beach yesterday.

Joe is planning a get-together for Christmas Eve and the Park will have a nice potluck on the beach on Saturday.  In the meantime, we’re just chillin’ and enjoying the warm sunshine!
Beautiful blues
Exuma Sound view

Happy Holidays to All!!