Not much happening here in paradise but I thought I would post some pictures for all of the people complaining about the weather on Facebook.  (I posted a photo of the beach yesterday and it wasn’t received very well by some folks–wonder why??!!)

We’ve had a few days of nice sunny weather.  It’s still a little cool for swimming but not bad for sitting on the beach in the sun.  It’s not hard to find a beautiful beach here–there’s one everywhere you look.  We took a picnic to the beach one day and Bailey wore himself out running and playing.
Beach Picnic
Beach Picnic

Bailey goes wading
Bailey wants to follow me but this is as far as he will go in the water

Practically all of the boats left the Park when the weather calmed down on Wednesday.   For a few days, we were the only ones here besides the staff!  When we stopped by the office and saw Andrew he related the story of how a boat broke free from its mooring by Emerald Rock during the last front and during the rescue one of the Park boats sank.  Joe heard the Mayday call in the middle of the night and helped alert the staff.  The guy in trouble was alone and spoke mostly French.  He was in a panick because his boat was uninsured and threw a line before the rescue boat was ready and fouled both of their props.  The Park boat was swamped but they were able to salvage it.  The motors are working but batteries, etc. were destroyed.  No one was hurt, thank goodness. Turns out the guy was not tied to the mooring correctly.  He put the pennant directly on the cleat and it chaffed through during the high winds and 2-3 foot seas.  When they were able to pull his boat off of the sand and get him to mooring the next day, he did the same thing!  Apparently, he didn’t have any lines of the appropriate size and strength on board!

One morning I cleaned the salt off of the sides of the boat.  Our blue hull looks gross when it’s covered with salt.   I did the best I could with some vinegar spray and rinsing with sea water.  It looks much better than it did.  Maybe we’ll get some rain to clean off the rest of the salt.
Moondance (with a little less seasoning on the hull)

Skip is still struggling with Garmin to get a new XM/Weather receiver delivered to Staniel Cay.  They did send out a new unit–to our house in Baltimore!  Most people are used to getting bad customer service these days.  Imagine how hard it is to straighten things out without a telephone!  I just had an email exchange with my prescription drug supplier that took several days.  They kept telling me to call them and I kept saying “I don’t have telephone service!”

Yesterday I came through on my threats to help Joe straighten out (a kind word for ‘clean’) his boat.  He lost a few important things (keys, scissors, flag, etc.) and I offered to help him sort through stuff and find them.   It turned out well and he was very appreciative.  We cleaned out the drawers in his galley and washed some mold off the ceiling.  He did find his ‘lost’ items and was very happy.

Joe invited Chris and Heather from Legacy over for dinner last night.  I met them earlier in the day because I had to go over and meet their 2 adorable Portuguese water dogs aboard.  They have been cruising for 8 years and came all the way from Alaska!  I posted their blog address on my sidebar so you can check out their adventures.

Another front is coming through tonight and will last into Monday.  We may try to make a run to Staniel Cay for groceries and Black Point for laundry next week.  We still have plenty of water but no more bread, fruit or vegetables and only a few eggs.  Not to worry – we won’t starve.  There’s still plenty of food on board!