We’re spending the morning trying to diagnose a problem with the head (toilet.)  It’s true what they say about the definition of cruising.  After taking off some hoses and cleaning them, it’s still not pumping freely.  Skip has the manuals out…

Well, it’s Wednesday and the wind finally let up this morning.  We’ve been on the boat since Sunday when the wind blew a steady 25 – 30 knots all day with gusts to 35.  It was so noisey in the V-berth that we all ended up sleeping on the salon setee.   I also forgot to put some stuff away on the deck and had to reach through the hatch to grab our shoes and snorkeling gear.  Bailey didn’t want to go on top to use the potty mat.  I put his life jacket and tether on and held him so he wouldn’t blow away!

 It’s chilly too–had to put on long pants and socks!  I’ve seen everyone’s posts on Facebook so I know it’s really cold back home so I’m not really complaining…just telling you what it’s like here.

Rocky mooring field
Whitecaps in the harbor
Gusty winds
Wind blowing 27k knots and the boat is swaying and rocking
I thought it would be a good time to bake some scones on Sunday.  The boat was so rocky that I got a little seasick while I was hunting around for the baking powder.  The scones turned out good — banana and pecans.

So, what do we do all day while stuck on the boat?  We had Internet access but so did everyone else so the connections were slow.  Skip arranged to have a new Garmin XM/Weather unit shipped to Staniel Cay.  We read a lot, played card games in the evenings, watched a few movies.  I did crossword puzzles and got out my beading stuff and made a necklace (my first double-strand!)  It takes me more time to finalize the design than to string the beads.  I liked working on the table in the cockpit where I was inspired by the colors outside.
Seahorse necklace
My first double-strand

Not much else to report.  We plan to go on a beach walk today and have dinner on Joe’s boat.  Everyone else left this morning–we’re the only 2 boats here!