After over 2 months of steady traveling south, we’re moored in the North field in Warderick Wells, Exumas.  We arrived on Saturday after a bouncy crossing from Eleuthera.  The weather prediction was for calming winds and seas but we didn’t see too much calming.  The wind was behind us and the seas were coming from behind and on the side.  I was counting down the miles until we reached the cut and then, OMG, the waves were huge.  I just held onto Bailey and tried not to look behind us.  Waves were peaking higher than the boat and bashing us around.  I knew the boat could handle it but I didn’t like it one bit!
Cape Eleuthera Marina
Cape Eleuthera Marina – A nice spot to stay for a short time. Not much going on until fishing season starts

Once in the mooring field, it’s calm and beautiful.  I managed to grab the mooring line and hook it on the boat.  We expected the boat to swing around but it didn’t.  As we were scratching our heads and trying to figure out what happened, some friendly cruisers came over and dove in the water to look under our boat.  The mooring line was completely wrapped around our keel!  We had to let the line go and try again.  Thankfully, the second time we didn’t foul the line.

Exuma Park
Exuma Park – North Mooring field

At the evening beach party we met Paul (who dove under our boat) and Mary and their dog Jasmine.  Paul said that he knew me from my blog about traveling to the Bahamas with a dog–neat!   I also met another Harriet from Maryland!  She and her husband Bill are from Linthicum and sail a catamaran called Miss Piggy.  We were both astounded to meet another namesake from the same area!

We recognized some folks we met last year as well as met some nice new friends.  Everyone asked where we were heading and both of us said “Here”.  Yes, this is our destination.  Now that we’re in the Exumas we can relax and stay places as long as we want.  No more loooong days of traveling!

Sleeping in yesterday was wonderful.  It was so calm and serene in the morning.  I think this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  While Skip was still lazing in bed, I did yoga on the foredeck and watched the sun rise.  We cooked a big breakfast and straightened up the boat.  Later in the morning Skip took me over to the reef for some snorkeling.  It was just past slack tide so the current wasn’t too bad. 

After lunch, Joe picked me up for a short hike to the top of Boo Boo Hill.  Skip had stubbed his toe yesterday during the mooring incident and didn’t want to put shoes on.  At the top of Boo Boo hill we hunted for our boat sign from last year.  I spotted it halfway down the back side of the hill.  Joe rescued it and we put it in a safe place.  It still looks good–that epoxy paint sure holds up!
Exuma Sound
Exuma Sound – very calm compared to yesterday!

Our sign is still on Boo Boo Hill
Our sign on Boo Boo Hill

Joe came over for dinner last night–lemon spaghetti and tossed salad.  We opened a new box of wine that was pretty good — Black Box Malbec.  We’re now into the box wines for the winter.  They take up much less space than bottles.   We played a few rounds of Quiddler (a fun word card game) and finished off our key lime pie from Hopetown.

Last night around 3:30 am I heard the wind pick up and the boat started rolling around.  When we started bashing into the mooring ball–thump, thump, thump–I couldn’t sleep in the V-berth.  We all ended up on the salon settee where it was a little less rolly and noisey. 

It’s supposed to blow 25 knots all day with gusts to 35 (I saw it go up to 35 on our wind indicator.)  Poor Bailey didn’t want to use the potty mat but he eventually did.  Looks like it will be a good day for hunkering down on the boat and reading.  It’s supposed to calm down a lot by Wednesday.