It’s a calm, quiet night here at the Cape Eleuthera marina on the southern tip of the island.  We left Hopetown on Wednesday and sailed in light winds down to the anchorage off Lynyard Cay.  We got there early enough for a walk on the beach.  The ocean side is one of my favorite spots for finding seaglass and I filled a whole sandwich bag–a bonanza!

We left just before dawn on Thursday for the crossing to Eleuthera.  This has never been an easy trip for me.  Usually the seas are big and the waves come from several directions.  Not so this time!  We had some gentle rollers heading out of the Little Harbor cut but after that, the wind and waves steadily calmed down until the water near Eleuthera was flat and glassy.
A very calm crossing from the Abacos to Eleuthera
A very calm crossing from the Abacos to Eleuthera
Indescribably blue
Hard to describe how blue the water is
It was a short, easy trip down to Current Cut once we passed into the crystal clear sheltered waters of Eleuthera.  Unfortunately, the tide was against us as we came through Current Cut.  The fierce current slowed us down to less than 2 knots but we made it through eventually.  The anchorage on the other side was empty and quiet.  A gentle rain shower came over in the evening as we ate dinner, watched a movie (Death at a Funeral–too funny!)  and were in bed by 8pm.

Today we had a great sail down to Cape Eleuthera – 10-15 knots on our stern quarter.  It doesn’t get much better!  Bailey and I watched all day but only saw 2 dolphins and they just surfaced near us and left. 

We fueled up at the marina and took a slip near the restaurant.  It’s quiet here this time of year–before all the fishing boats start coming in.  After a nice dinner at the restaurant, we’re ready for the short trip tomorrow to our favorite place in the Exumas–the Land and Sea Park.

After all of these long days of traveling since early October, we’ll have finally arrived in the Exumas.   It’s time to settle in and have fun (like we’ve been doing all along only without the long traveling days!)
Skip and his bingo winnings
Skip and his Bingo Winnings (Joe’s blurry photo)