It’s chilly and windy here in Hopetown but I’m not complaining after hearing about the weather in Florida. 

We decided to leave Treasure Cay yesterday because the winds settled down and it would be a nice downwind sail.  After a quick trip to the well-stocked grocery store we weighed anchor and headed across the Sea of Abaco towards Hopetown; a trip of about 18 miles.
Hopetown Harbor
Beautiful Hopetown Harbor
The big concern was getting into the harbor at near low tide.  Skip didn’t think we would have a problem but Joe definitely had to wait for more water as he needs at least 6’2″.  With our eyes glued to the depth meter we made it safely in.  The lowest reading I saw was 5’7″ at 1 hour before low tide (and we need 5′!)

We managed to pick up a mooring in the gusting wind–always an adventure!  Joe came in just before the sun set.  We got in the dinghy to help him pick up a mooring since he’s by himself.  There’s nothing scarier than being in a small dinghy with 2 large anchors on the bow of a 47′ boat bearing down on you!  We were able to run his line through the mooring pennant with any injuries (just a lot of yelling!)

Our friends on Grateful Attitudes and Margerita stopped by and told us about Bingo night at Captain Jack’s.  As soon as we got Joe settled in, we headed over there for dinner and bingo.  It was quite the scene–crowded and noisey and difficult to get a beer.  We each got 2 cards and sat hoping for some food.

The good news is that Skip won a game.  He had to split the winnings but came away with $93–not too shabby.  I’ll have to get a copy of the photo that Joe took of Skip hugging the bingo lady! The food wasn’t very good.  We were so hungry we ate it but felt sick afterwards.  I’m beginning to think that it’s better to just eat on board.  We’ve had several not-so-good meals and the food is very expensive. I’m going to start keeping some notes about various places so I’ll remember next time.

It was very windy last night and I rolled around in the V-berth trying to sleep.  The boat swings much more on a mooring than at anchor making for a noisey, rolly night.

This morning we awoke to chilly winds and bright sunny skies.  After a nice walk on the beach we had lunch at the Hopetown Harbor Lodge which overlooks the beach.  Skip said his cheeseburger was 100% better than the one last night (but it still wasn’t the best…)  Afterwards, we made a pilgrimage to Vernon’s Grocery Store–home of the best home-made key lime pies.  I bought one and Joe bought 2 to put in his freezer.  Can’t wait to have a slice later!
Elbow Cay beach — Beautiful!
Lunch at the Hopetown Harbor lodge
Lunch at the Hopetown Harbor Lodge
Bailey is happiest on the beach
Can I have too many pictures of Bailey on the beach? (Some would say ‘yes’ but it’s my blog!)
I did laundry this afternoon in preparation for leaving tomorrow.  We think it looks good for making the trip down to the Exumas over the next few days.  We need to get there before the next big front comes through on Sunday.  We’ll check weather tomorrow morning and make a decision.  BTW, our Garmin XM radio and weather receiver died the night before we left Florida.  (This is the unit that they already replaced in September.)  After many emails with the company they agreed to replace it under warranty.  Great news but there’s no easy way to send it back in order to receive a replacement in the Bahamas.  Skip decided to do without it until the Spring.  What a pain…we really enjoy the XM radio and it’s nice to have another source for weather info…
Skip at Green Turtle Club
I love this picture that Joe took of Skip at the Green Turtle Club