We’re anchored in Treasure Cay to wait out the next cold front. It’s a small, protected spot next to a large resort and a beautiful beach.  We haven’t been here before and wanted to see what it was like.  Similar to other anchorages, we’re here amongst the Canadians–where is everybody???

Treasure Cay

Our past few days in Green Turtle Cay were spent relaxing and making new friends.  We were invited over to Fortnight for a ‘second breakfast’.  Linda made a delicious cinnamon cake and Vince showed Skip photos of how he built their boat.  Linda and I enjoyed talking about various projects–my dabbling in jewelry and her seashell collecting.

Bailey couldn’t get enough beach time.  Every time I took him for a walk he headed straight for the beach and I had to drag him away!

Joe invited Fortnight and Wine Down (Wayne and Sherrie) over for dinner on his boat Friday night.   He made one of his specialties–pasta! 

The main topic of conversation on the docks was deciding when to leave and getting through the Whale Cay cut.  The direct route to Treasure Cay is very short but also very shallow.  Boats that draw more than 4 feet have to go outside a cut into the ocean and come around a small island called Whale Cay.  It’s not very far but can be treacherous with waves, wind and ocean surge.  The conditions on Saturday turned out to be not bad at all.  We had lumpy waves and the wind behind us as we headed out towards the ocean.  As we turned around Whale Cay the wind helped stablize the boat.  We didn’t see any breaking waves.  It doesn’t look like much from the photos but it can be exciting!
Whale Cay
Whale Cay

The good news is that now we’re around the Whale, we don’t have to travel in unprotected waters until we cross to Eleuthera.

We stopped for fuel as we came into Treasure Cay.  It had to be one of the most uneventful fueling experiences ever.  There weren’t any other boats to dodge…no wind or current.  There wasn’t even a guy to help us with our lines but we managed without any problems. 

We took a short walk on the beach last night and checked out the grocery store (very nice and well-stocked)  Joe came over for a cold meal–smoked salmon (our last from St. Augustine), shrimp dip (Diane’s recipe!) and other nibbles.  I made my first batch of mojitos with the mint I’m growing on board.  The next batch will have to wait for more mint to grow!  We taught Joe how to play Quiddler (He made up some words but we allowed it for a ‘beginner’!)

Hmmm….what to do today?  Maybe a nice walk on the beach, some more reading and pizza on Joe’s boat tonight.  What a life!