We arrived in the Lake Worth south anchorage yesterday morning after a tedious 20 miles with 6 bridges.  I can see why people like to go offshore for this stretch.  A few bridge tenders were rather rude–making comments like “Hurry up, people are trying to go to work” and “I’ll do something about it when you get closer”.  They are obviously sailboat haters but wouldn’t have a job without us!

The last bridge!
The last bridge!
Needless to say, I did a little happy dance after we made it through the last bridge until we return in the Spring!

Our friends Bob & Phyllis are just a few miles away enjoying Thanksgiving at the Breakers with their family.  They wanted to see us but it got a little too complicated (for us…never for Bob!)

After checking the weather we decided that Friday would be the best crossing day.  The wind will move more to the south instead of southeast which will allow for a better sailing angle.  I hope we remember how to sail!

Joe is coming over later this afternoon for Thanksgiving dinner.  We’ll have a small turkey feast and turn in early.  Hope my next post will be from the Bahamas!

The great herb experiment
My herb experiment–cilantro, basil and mint (mojitos!)

Rainbow over Onward
A brief shower brought a beautiful rainbow