I don’t think anyone who knows me would believe that I’m sick of shopping!  We spent the last 4 days running around Vero Beach to purchase all of the food, liquor and boat supplies we’ll need for the next 4 months in the Bahamas.

We started out with a slow pass through Walmart to get a lot of the basics.  The rest of the shopping including running around Publix, Fresh Market and Target.  In between, we stocked up on liquor–mainly beer and sodas which are very expensive in the Bahamas.  I mailed a box of cold weather clothes and our sleeping bags home.  I did not tempt fate this time and kept the heater on board as well as some long pants!

Sunday morning, while Joe and Skip were up in the cockpit planning our trip, I was down below taking up the rugs to give them a good shake when I found a puddle of water next to our hot water heater.  Oh, no…it’s rusted out and leaking!  At least we found out before leaving for the Bahamas.   Joe has a business account with the boat store and quickly found us a replacement (good news) but it was in Ft. Lauderdale! 

Skip drove down to pick it up because he wanted to get a head start on getting all of the fittings.  Well, that took all day and we ended up changing our dinner plans with Jim and Sue.  I was really looking forward to visiting them for dinner, soaking in their hot tub and doing some laundry.  Since Skip was running late, they graciously agreed to drive up and meet us for dinner in Vero.  We had a wonderful meal at Mimmo’s–great food (but the waiter was ‘math impaired’!)

I made a vet appointment on Monday for Bailey to get a health certificate which is required for him to enter the Bahamas.  For the past 2 years we took him to a vet in West Palm.  After the frenzy of activity on Sunday, I wasn’t anxious to spend half the day driving there and back.  Our friend Valerie suggested asking around the marina for a local vet.  Duh!  Why didn’t I think of that??!!  I asked 2 of the guys who sit outside the cruiser’s lounge with their dogs and both recommended the Florida Veterinary League only a few miles away.  I got Bailey an afternoon appointment and he’s checked out and all ready to go!

I spent the rest of the day running around town with Joe so we could finish up our shopping lists while Skip got the new water heater installed.  We were finished just in time to meet John and Judy for dinner at the Riverside Cafe.  Although they invited us to their home in Stuart, they were also gracious enough to drive up and meet us in Vero.  We had a delicious (but haphazardly served) dinner.  After a few G&T’s I shed my shopping anxieties and enjoyed the evening.

After returning the car we stopped at the fuel dock and emptied the holding tank and filled up with diesel, gas and water.  I don’t think this boat could hold another thing!  I did make room for 5 boxes of school supplies and text books to take to the Black Point grade school.  A group of volunteers in Florida collects the donations and boxes them up for cruisers to deliver to schools in the Bahamas.  It’s a great project and it really helps out the schools.  The people on the islands we visit are so nice and gracious to visitors so we really enjoy doing something for them.

Books and supplies for Bahamian schools
School Supplies

We’re currently anchored in Hobe Sound and will head for south Lake Worth tomorrow.  The weather forecast looks good for crossing over to West End on Friday.  We’ll have a quiet Thanksgiving meal with our friend Joe and rest up for the crossing.  I’m excited and ready!