We arrived in lovely St. Augustine on Wednesday morning and we’re still here–enjoying being with our friends, Mike & Angie!  The trip from Cumberland Island went smoothly as we had the tide most of the time.  Crossing the St. Johns river can be very slow if the tide is against you.

We decided to stop for the night at the Pine Island anchorage just north of St. Augustine.  It’s a beautiful place in calm weather.  We joined about 5 other boats including Gigi’s Island and Diamond Girl.  It seemed like there was less water than on the charts so we settled in close to the entrance.
Sunrise in Pine Island anchorage
Sunrise in Pine Island

It was a quick trip in the morning to Camachee Cove marina near St. Augustine.  We were going to try out the new city moorings but decided to stay at the marina since Mike & Angie (Lady of Lorien) would arrive on Friday.

After settling in, I contacted Terri in Jacksonville who wanted to meet us for lunch.  Through another providential experience via the internet, Terri found me through my blog after taking a photo of Moondance last Spring.  Terri & her husband Larry are sailors who live in Jacksonville and take extended trips along the coast of Florida.  They took us to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants is St. Augustine – Columbia.  We enjoyed trading sailing stories and talking about our dogs!
Terri & Larry
Terri & Larry

Terri's photo of Moondance

Thursday morning I did 2 large loads of laundry.  Those cold weather clothes sure make for large piles of laundry!  I’m so superstitious though– I won’t pack them up yet and tempt fate!

Lady of Lorien arrived in the afternoon and we had a grand reunion as we haven’t seen Mike & Angie since we were in Colorado in July.  Angie and I took the courtesy car out for a shopping fix at Target while the guys stayed behind and drank a few beers–how stereotypical!  We had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant here in the marina called Kingfish.  Their fresh catch of Wahoo with an orange glaze sauce was outstanding!

Yesterday we took a road trip with Mike & Angie up to Jacksonville to deliver their life raft for service.  They’re getting ready to cross back to the UK next Spring and have a long list of preparations.  Skip is going to go with them (more about that later!)   I would love to go but I know that I’m not cut out for a long ocean voyage.  If only they could guarantee perfect weather…

Life Raft unwrapped
Mike & Angie observe the opening of their life raft

After delivering the life raft, we found a nice shopping center for lunch and browsing.  On the way back to the marina we found the St. Brendan’s Isle office and picked up our mail.  We’re very pleased with our first experience using a mail forwarding service.  They scan the envelopes so we can see them and choose whether to ‘hold’, ‘shred’ or ‘open and scan the contents’.   Held mail can be forwarded to wherever you choose.  Since we were in the area, we decided to just pick up the few held items.  I worked very hard to cut out all unnecessary mail so we get very little mail that we have to deal with.

We gathered on Moondance last night for dinner–delicious smoked salmon from Kyle’s seafood

Today, Skip and I took the courtesy car for a few hours to have lunch and shop.  The barbecue at Sonny’s was as good as always.  I get nostalgic there as I remember the many times we went to Sonny’s with my Mom & Dad in Ft. Myers.  My Dad was always careful to get something heart-healthy but cancer took him away from us too soon. 

We did a quick pass through the outlet stores but I was disappointed to see so much winter merchandise–do people really think they have to wear dark clothing in Florida just because it’s winter?

We’re going to leave early tomorrow morning and hope to make it to Daytona or beyond.  Joe (Onward) is catching up with us and we hope to see him in Vero Beach.