We needed the heater last night–it’s cold!  We’re currently staying at the Golden Isles marina near St. Simons Island, Georgia.  We decided to stop here instead of Brunswick because we haven’t been here before.  It’s a nice place–friendly staff, courtesy car and muffins for breakfast!  I’m not real anxious to leave until the wind calms down a bit since we have to cross 2 open sounds to get to Fernandina Beach.

All of Skip’s planning worked out well as we left Thunderbolt Wednesday morning.  We had no problems coming through Hell Gate (a shallow passage between 2 rivers) at just past high tide.  It was cloudy and misty all day and there wasn’t much wind. 
A cloudy day in Georgia
A cloudy day in Georgia

In the afternoon we came upon a power boat hard aground between 2 red marks.  I wanted to take a picture but Skip said I shouldn’t…I would have done it discreetly.  Anyway, a picture showed up on the cruisers net along with a discussion about not always following the purple line on your chart plotter–duh!  Sometimes the chart plotter shows us on land!  The picture doesn’t show another red day marker just to the left of the boat.  He went between them–not a good idea!

We anchored in Back Creek just above the dreaded Little Mud River–a notoriously shallow stretch.  Leaving early on Thursday morning, we easily made it through Little Mud at 1 1/2 hours after high tide. 

The sideways rain and wind started right after we came into the marina a little after noon yesterday and didn’t stop until sunset.  We huddled on the boat and had dinner and watched the news and Jeopardy.

I got a much-needed haircut at the little shop in the marina this morning.  We took the courtesy car across the bridge to St. Simons to have lunch and see what was there.  We just happened to wander into a small cafe called the Sand Castle and had freshly caught fried flounder sandwiches.   It’ll be a light meal tonight!
Fried Flounder sandwich
Yummy lunch!

Most of the boats that were here yesterday left and a new crop arrived including a guy on a sailboat with a Great Dane–can you imagine?! 

We’re still waiting for the wind to calm down before leaving here and heading into Florida.  Maybe tomorrow…or Sunday…