Friday was our last day in Charleston.  I really wanted to find a bead shop (my new obsession!) but didn’t want to walk there by myself so I came up with a scheme to get Skip to go with me–“Let’s go out to lunch!”  We walked about a mile to have lunch at the Hominy Grill–yet another fantastic restaurant in Charleston.

Skip had the shrimp & grits and I tried their chicken barbecue sandwich.  Both were delicious!  With Skip happily fed, I checked out the bead shop down the street.  After that, we wandered down King Street through the college section, the galleries and antique shops before making our way back to the boat.  Charleston is an incredibly walkable city.

We got up early on Saturday to leave the dock at slack tide.  I was really nervous as we were sandwiched between 2 beautiful power boats and facing the wrong way on the inside of the dock.  No worries, Skip handled it like a pro.  The dock hand gave our bow a good push and Skip easily turned us around.  Whew!

The only bridge of the day was just a mile below Charleston.  As we approached the Wapoo Creek bridge we heard a tug and barge on the radio approaching from the other side.  He called us on the radio and asked that we “stay low and pass 1 whistle” (keep to the right and pass port-to-port.)   Okay–whatever you say!

Mi-T-Mo passed us after the bridge. Note car on deck!

The rest of the day was beautiful, warm and sunny. We stopped for the evening at Wimbee creek just north of Beaufort.  I couldn’t ask for a more serene night.  We were the only boat anchored in the creek.   It was a warm, starry night.

Today we came through Beaufort and anchored just south of Hilton Head in Bull creek.  We’re the only boat here tonight (wonder where everyone else is??)  We were lucky coming through the Ladies Island bridge as we got a good push from the current and made the 11am opening.  Good thing because we later heard that they don’t open at noon! 
Sunset in Bull Creek
Sunset in Bull Creek
Well, November is here and we’ll be near Savannah tomorrow.  Our insurance policy restricts us from going south of Savannah until Nov 15th (to avoid hurricanes.)  Last year, we got a waiver and continued south (remember the late season storm hurricane Ida?)  Skip will call tomorrow and see what they say.  The tropics are still pretty active so they may not permit us to continue yet.   Then what?
It's Halloween!