The new heat exchanger arrived yesterday morning and the mechanic came by in the afternoon to install it.  He even painted it red for us to match the rest of the engine!  It will be so nice to motor all day without staring at the temperature gauge.  Skip says that he highly recommends the service work done here at the City Marina.

I spent the morning polishing the topsides of the boat.  It’s not something I do often but it looks really good when it’s done.  I also started polishing the stainless parts but my hands and fingers started getting sore.  I have to save some strength for blogging!

We took a ride on the marina courtesy van to the shopping center with Petco, Harris Teeter and West Marine.  Skip didn’t find anything he needed at the boat store but I got a new nail trimmer for Bailey (he will be thrilled) and some food at the grocery store.  Although Charleston is one of the best places to eat out we’ve been trying to eat on the boat since the budget is hurting a bit with yet another unexpected repair and marina stay.

We’ve met lots of nice people on the docks here at the City Marina.  It hosts a wide range of boaters…from very wealthy mega-yacht owners to humble folks like us.  Many of the sport fishing boats and yachts are being transported by captains who are relocating the boats for their owners.  Most of the large boats prefer going offshore but sometimes weather will force them to use the waterway.  We’re used to slowing down so that faster moving boats can pass us with a minimum wake.

It looks like we’ll stay here until Saturday morning.  The bridge just south of Charleston doesn’t open until 9am.  If we time it right we can leave the dock with slack tide at 8:30 to make the opening.  Seeing some of the adventures people have docking here, we have a lot of respect for the powerful currents!

Since it’s a slow news day, I’ll let Bailey write the rest of my post…

Hi, there!  Mom & Dad went into Charleston and came home with some delicious treats called “Puppy Crack”.  I didn’t act too excited but I really like them.  I even shared some with a dog across the dock named Sassy.
Bailey on Crack
Bailey getting a treat fix

I’m really tired from barking at all of the golf carts and people who go by on the dock all day long.  I wonder if they’re tired of hearing me carry on every time…

While my ‘sister’ Jen was visiting in September, my parents thought it would be fun to make a list of all of the things I don’t like.  They’re always saying “Bailey doesn’t like <blank>”  So here it is…all of the things I don’t like:

  1. Sneezing
  2. Clapping
  3. Stepladders
  4. Binder rings closing
  5. Mailman
  6. Trucks
  7. Busses
  8. Skateboards
  9. Thumping fingers
  10. Shuffling cards
  11. Motorcycles
  12. Starting the boat engine
  13. Motorboats
  14. People moving
  15. Trashcans
  16. Dock carts
  17. Golf carts
  18. Dumpsters

Basically, I don’t like sharp loud noises, motors or anything that moves!  Can’t help it…that’s just the way I am.  A friend of my parents gave them a Coke can filled with nuts and bolts that shake to get me to stop barking.  So far, it’s working.  I’m very startled and stop barking when they use it.  No worries…I’ll get used to it and show them I take my Chief Security Officer job seriously!

Gotta go…time to play flashlight!!