Since we’re waiting for a new heat exchanger to arrive we decided to spend the afternoon walking around Charleston. We took the marina van into town and had a delicious lunch at Sticky Fingers.  We both had pulled pork sandwiches with slaw and fried onions on top–outstanding!

After lunch we wandered down to the Market street area so Skip could get a fix at the MoonPie store.  We also had to find the really neat cooking store on East Bay St.  On our way back to the marina we visited the Gibbes Museum of Art.  They had some interesting exhibits and a nice little museum store.

It was still very windy when we got back to the marina.  A nasty storm went through last night with tornado warnings.  The local station put at least 3 icons on top of the TV screen warning about the storms.  They practically covered up Dancing with the Stars!

It was very windy yesterday morning when the marina office called us and asked if we minded being moved back about a boat length on the dock.  One skinny guy came out to move us.  He and Skip handled the lines while I stayed on the boat.  At one point a huge gust came up and almost blew the boat away from the dock.  Skip hollered that I should start the engine but my brain clicked ‘off’.  All I wanted to do was jump off the boat if they lost the lines.  Thankfully, they held on and we got the boat secured.

I hope our part arrives tomorrow so we can get the engine going again.  We’re watching the weather as another strong front will pass over on Thursday and bring cooler, drier weather for the weekend.

Sorry,  I didn’t take any pictures today.  Must not have been in the mood!