After spending a few days at Justin & Catherine’s, we came back to the boat and moved to the Charleston City Marina.  I was glad when Skip called and they said they would put us on the inside of the megadock.  We’ve only ever been on the outside and wakes from passing boats can be pretty bad.
James loves his trains!
As we approached the marina, I called for instructions.  The girl who answered the radio directed us to go inside the dock until we reached a location pretty far inside (the dock is about 1/4 mile long.)  As we motored along I suddenly realized that we were approaching the narrow channel close to the end.  I called again and said that there didn’t seem to be much room there and she said “You’re a twin screw motor boat, right?”  I shouted NO and Skip quickly turned the boat around just before we would have been in real trouble.  We went back outside (you can only approach the dock against the strong current) and approached again to a location she gave us behind another boat.  As we came into that spot the dock guys came running over and wanted us in front of the other boat.  Yikes!  I think they were trying to give me a heart attack!!
Nice motor sail across Charleston harbor
Motor sailing across Charleston harbor
I was pretty ticked and when I went into office to check in where I found 2 young blondes (sorry, can’t help the disparaging comment) behind the desk.  The girl who gave me instructions apologized and said she was not paying attention.  “Not paying attention!” I said, “We could have damaged our boat or several of the million dollar boats on the dock!”  I also told her that ‘behind a boat’ means at their stern which is where we attempted to dock the first time.  They were clueless!  Lesson learned — don’t assume that the people working at a marina know what they’re doing!

As we were relaxing in the evening Phil and Sarah (Spartina) stopped by so we joined them for dinner.  The restaurant next to the marina was closed on Sunday so we caught the marina shuttle into town and had a delicious meal at 82 Queen–frogmore stew and barbecued shrimp and grits!

I spent the morning cleaning the topsides of the boat while Skip prepared for a mechanic to come and look at our engine cooling problem.  Sure enough, he found that coolant was leaking into the heat exchanger (as both Ed & George predicted!)   Skip ordered a new one from the supplier in Annapolis.  It should arrive on Wednesday.  So, I guess we’ll just hang around Charleston for a few days.  It was stormy off and on all day today as a front is passing through.  I’m hoping that the weather will be nice for a little exploring around town tomorrow.