We spent a nice, relaxing evening at Bev & Al’s house near Calabash, NC.  Bailey had fun running around their yard and barking at everything…what he does best! 
Reflective waterway near Myrtle Beach
Reflective morning on the waterway
We left early Thursday morning to make one more bridge in Mrytle Beach.  As we approached the Socastee bridge, the engine overheated AGAIN.  Skip quickly added more coolant and the temperature dropped just as I prepared to anchor in the middle of the channel. 

I insisted (very dramatically) that I can’t deal with the stress of engine problems any more so we decided to put into the marina in Georgetown and work on the engine or look for a diesel mechanic.  We spent the rest of the trip through a foggy Waccamaw river staring at the temperature gauge.  Thankfully, we made it to the Georgetown Landing marina without any more incidents.

When Skip tried to add coolant the last time using the overflow tank he realized that the hose was cracked.  He got a ride to the Napa store to get a new hose and filled the tank.  He did talk to a mechanic at the docks who agreed with him that we had air pockets in the cooling system since water flow wasn’t a problem and we didn’t find any coolant in the bilge.

We took a quick walk into town to visit the book store and buy some shrimp.  There’s nothing like fresh shrimp right from the fishing docks!

All the way to Charleston the next day we checked the temperature and the overflow tank.  No problems, so far, although the coolant level stayed the same in the tank until the engine cooled off and then the fluid level dropped.

Arriving at the Isle of Palms marina we were so happy to see Valerie & Graham from Bonnie Lass.  We enjoyed getting caught up with them over drinks and appetizers at the restaurant.  Our niece Catherine picked us up in the evening to stay a few days at their home near Charleston.  Justin & Cat are as busy as usual and the boys are getting big.  Catherine’s mother was visiting for the weekend so we enjoyed spending time with her.

I will post more pictures when we get back to the boat.  We may go stay in Charleston for a few days for some fun and good eats.