Leaving Mile Hammock anchorage we made it a few miles before hearing that sound we never want to hear–the engine alarm AGAIN!  We quickly dropped the anchor at the edge of the channel and shut off the engine.  Several of our fellow cruisers stopped to offer assistance (thanks Quetzal & Wind Spirit!) but there really wasn’t much to do except wait for it to cool  We were fine after Skip added coolant but I stared at the temperature gauge all day–not fun!  I sure hope all of the air pockets are out of the cooling system because I really don’t want to go through that again.  Bailey was very upset with all the excitement.  He kept knocking over his food dish–I think he was ready to mutiny!

The trip to Wrightsville Beach involves 3 bridges with opening times that are not conducive to sailboat speed.  I called the Figure 8 Island bridge as we approached the 1/2 mile marker and he was gracious enough to hold the bridge opening for us.  If we hadn’t made that opening, the next bridge only opens on the hour and we would have had to wait 1 1/2 hours to go 5 miles.  Not that we’re in a hurry but…

Anchoring in Wrightsville Beach is a nice treat.  It’s a big anchorage with good holding.  The only down side is that on the weekends there are many little power boats speeding by (not sure why they’re always in such a hurry.)

Once we got settled in we attacked the next problem–our head.  If I could add sound to my blog, there would be an ominous tune here.  Our head (toilet) stopped pumping earlier today and we could hear a bubbling sound in the pipes.  Sure enough, the hose to the holding tank was clogged with sh*t.  No other way to describe it!  I called West Marine to make sure they had sanitation hose in stock before we dinghied ashore and walked almost 2 miles to the store. 

It was a nice afternoon and after purchasing the hose we treated ourselves to Rita’s (Ice-Custard-Happiness!!!)  After coming back and attaching the new hose (back in business–yay!)  we were too exhausted to take Bailey ashore.  He really got gypped so we promised him a nice beach run tomorrow.  Too bad he doesn’t know what ‘tomorrow’ is!

We were happy to see Vic & Gigi (Gigi’s Island) who stopped by in their dinghy.  We met them last year at Sampson Cay and hope to catch up with them again further down the ditch.
Sunset - Wrightsville Beach
Sunset – Wrightsville Beach

Most of the other boats anchored here were gone by early morning.  We’re chillin’ today and will take our chairs to the beach and just relax.  Our next stop is Southport followed by Mrytle Beach.