We left Beaufort early this morning after spending a leisurely day at the dock.  After doing laundry in the morning I met up with Dee (Wind Lass) for a stroll around the shops.  We weren’t too bad…I just bought a sweatshirt.  Around 4pm we came out of a store and saw that the sky had darkened and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees–time to head back for the boat!
Storm in Beaufort

I made it back in time to close the hatches and secure everything on deck.  Poor Bailey was down below with the XM weather alarm beeping (It beeps when a marine warning is issued.  The wind was gusting and large motor yachts were rushing to tie up to the docks.   Once they were all secured I felt like we were in a canyon surrounded by the walls of 100 ft yachts!

Luckily the more intense storms went offshore and we only got a little rain.  In the evening we went to the bar next to the marina for our free drafts.  Beaufort Docks always gives out wooden coins good for a free draft–can’t waste those!  We were joined by Bud and Elaine on the trawler Diamond Girl who had also stayed at River Dunes.  We enjoyed drinks and dinner at the Beaufort Grocery with them–exchanging our cruising stories.  They’ve cruised for 5 years and are currently helping keep the Waterway guide up-to-date.

Our trip today was mostly uneventful.  The wind picked up as we approached the only bridge which made it just a bit more challenging.  Mile Hammock bay is right in the middle of Camp Lejeune.  The cruising guides warn that it can get noisy here and boats can be asked to move if they’re doing maneuvers at night.  So far, so good.  At least the wind calmed down and we were treated to another beautiful sunset. 

Calm sunset in Mile Hammock Bay
There are 3 bridges between us and Wrightsville beach.  Hope we can time them good enough to make tomorrow’s trip an easy one.
Bailey is keeping watch on anything that moves!
Bailey is keeping watch on anything that moves!