Our day started out like this as we left Elizabeth City:
Sunrise - Elizabeth City
And ended like this anchored in the Pungo River:
Sunset - Pungo River

Pretty hard to beat!  We left at sunrise and motored across a calm Albemarle Sound to enter the Alligator river.  I breathed easy as we safely passed the spot where we went aground last year.  The day was rather uneventful–just how I like it! 

We took turns napping and showering while under way.  I love the new shower fixture that Skip installed in our head.  It has a tempering valve that keeps the hot water at a safe temperature (since the water is heated by the engine it can be scalding hot.)

While underway we heard a boat called High Priority on the radio.  They’re friends of Joe’s that we met last year in Charleston.  They have the same boat as Joe (Catalina 470) with a mast height that can be challenging on the waterway.  In order to make it under the fixed bridge in the Alligator/Pungo canal they put their boom out with the wife on the end to tilt the mast.  We were a few miles behind them but wished we could have seen that!
going under bridge
High Priority (Ron sent me this photo after seeing my blog)
The weather is still wonderfully warm, calm and sunny.  We’re heading to Oriental, NC tomorrow and may stay a few days to visit with friends and relax.