We said ‘goodbye’ to the Chesapeake Bay yesterday as we turned into the James river and made our way to the Tidewater marina in Portsmouth.  The wind didn’t cooperate AGAIN so we motored sailed most of the way from Deltaville.   A stong current coming out of the James river slowed us down to around 3 knots.  I thought we would arrive around 3pm and it pushed us back an hour.  Just goes to show how unpredictable traveling by boat can be!  

We’ve already seen familiar boats in the southern ‘migration’.  Yesterday we talked to Sarah and Phil on Spartina who we met in the Bahamas our first year cruising.  Today we saw  our friends Valerie and Graham on Bonnie Lass sailing out of the York river.   They’re not going through the Dismal Swamp so we hope to catch up with them further down the ditch.

After settling into the marina I took Bailey on his promised walk on dry land.  He’s a good sport about using the potty mat but he really prefers grass.  I know…enough about the potty mat!

Our friends Mary Ann and Pete (Micmac) arrived in the evening to visit and take us to dinner.  We met them last year when cruising south but they’re not cruising this winter.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner at a tapas restaurant in Portsmouth called Still.

Mary Ann and Pete
The best news is the weather!  It’s nice and warm for a change and it’s supposed to stay that way for several days–yay!  This morning we took care of boat chores.  Skip changed to motor oil while I did laundry and rinsed the salt off the deck.  After lunch we strolled around Portsmouth and visited the lightship and the naval shipyard museum.  As we walked back to the boat we admired all of the beautiful historic homes in the Olde town section.
Now that's an anchor!

Our friends Marty and Rocky with daughter Emily and her friend Leah met us for dinner here at the marina.  We so appreciate it when our friends meet us at such short notice after working all day.  It really means a lot!  Emily was as entertaining as usual.  Hard to believe she’ll be graduating in a few years! 
Marty & Rocky with daughter Emily and her friend Leah

Next up–The Great Dismal Swamp!