Heading out on a gray day

We awoke to a gray day with no rain and the promise of northwest winds.  Breaking free of the dock was hard to do but it was time to leave.  Our friends Norm and Jaye on Dakota II, a Sabre 402 also left with us this morning.  Once we turned the mark at Tolly Point and headed south we turned the motor off and had a rollicking good sail all the way to Drum Point off Solomon’s Island.  At the start we were making over 8 knots.  As the tide started coming in we slowed down a bit but I think our average speed was around 7 knots–not too shabby!
A chilly but happy captain

It was chilly until the sun came out and warmed up our cockpit enclosure.  The sky finally cleared tonight and it’s a nice quiet night anchored in Mill Creek near Solomon’s Island.  On our way here we heard some familiar voices on the radio–Fiscal Stray (Tod & Anne) and First Edition (I exchanged blog comments with Lynn but we haven’t met yet.)

Yesterday was cold and rainy.  We passed the day reading, napping and using the computer.  I made a necklace–my latest hobby is beading using the sea glass and shells I found in the Bahamas.  In the afternoon, Julie (Running on MT) stopped by with a wonderful care package.   I had asked her how to make the delicious Thai rolls she served at our last raftup and she actually brought me the recipe plus most of the ingredients.  I will enjoy making these on our trip–thanks, Julie!
"Julie" care package 
Seaglass & Coral necklace
 Sea glass and beaded coral necklace

Later in the afternoon we joined Norm & Jaye on Dakota II for drinks.  Joyce B came by after work and took us to dinner.  She came to our rescue in the spring when we needed a ride and now she provided our last ride before leaving again!

We’re enjoying our new salon cushions made by Canvas Creations–the same company that made our canvas last year.   They did such an excellent job.  I love the ultra suede fabric and the layer of memory foam in the V-berth.  Their work is top quality and always on time.
New salon cushions

Settee with the insert for sleeping