We’re all set to head south on our 3rd trip to the Bahamas and now we’re just waiting for the storms to stop long enough so we can leave!   The past month was packed full of activity finishing  all of the boat projects (as if that ever happens!) and getting the house ready so we can leave.  We had some last minute developments that added to our frenzy. 

While completing the electrical work to install our single side band (SSB) radio, Skip found a crack in our rudder post column that was leaking.  We knew there was a leak somewhere because we had water coming into the bilge when motoring but could never find it.  Apparently, it’s in a location near to the water line so that it only leaks when the stern is forced down–mainly due to the extra weight on the back of our boat (dinghy davits and outboard motor).

All of the boatyards were very busy getting ready for the boat show but Skip contacted M Yacht Services who provided an estimate and did the work.  We had to get hauled out of the water again so they could drop the rudder and repair the crack.  M Yacht Services were great.  All of the work was done in less time and cost than the estimate–how often does that happen??!!

While Skip completed boat projects I was busy at home getting ready for our house sitter to move in.  Thanks to our friends Susan and Ed who put us in touch with their friend Linda to house sit for us.  I feel much better having someone there to look after things and I think the house likes to be used and not just sit empty.  I had a last minute escapade with Verizon customer service but don’t get me started on that…

Now it looks like the stormy weather will clear out by Tuesday and we’ll be able to leave the dock.  For now, it feels good to relax and settle into boat life!

To catch up on some summer photos:

Sheltie Jamboree

Bailey won 1st prize in the costume contest at the Sheltie Jamboree in September.  He was a Venetian gondolier.  I had trouble getting him to keep his hat on!

Bailey won 1st place!

Bailey in his gondolier costume

Skip at the Chesapeake Bay Sabre Association crab feast.

Ronny, Maureen & Skip
Skip with our friends Ronny & Maureen on the Lewes – Cape May Ferry

Jen showing off a quilt I made for her
We had a bonus visit with Skip’s daughter Jen as she scored a trip to Baltimore for work!