Yes, I took a break from blogging this summer. Fact is, once you stop updating, it’s hard to get back into it–too much stuff has happened! Anyway, I went to my blog to look for Onward’s status and, lo and behold, my format had changed! Apparently, they updated the theme I used and I had to go and figure out the changes and reset some stuff. That shook me out of my blogging vacation!
I did keep up with putting photos on my Flickr site. To summarize the summer (now that more than half of it is gone!):

  • It’s great being back home—thanks so much to Debbi for keeping our house in tiptop shape!
  • We met up with the Sabre club over Memorial day weekend.  It was fun seeing everyone again.  (We lost our anchor that weekend but that’s another story…)
  • My mom visited us in June and spent a few days at our house.   We didn’t get to eat crabs but had some lovely crabcakes.
  • We picked up Mike and Angie in Cambridge where they left their boat for the summer.  Had a great lunch with Ann and Tod from Fiscal Stray in St. Michaels before bringing M&A back to our house for a few days.  Angie and I got some retail therapy! Picked up Joe in downtown Balto. and went all out for the best french chef-tasting and wine-pairing meal at Tersiguel’s in Ellicott City.  Too bad Tina was sick and she and Ed couldn’t join us.
  • We had the boat pulled out of the water for bottom cleaning during the hottest week of the summer–what fun…
  • I had some minor surgery and took a little over a week to recover–all better now!
  • We spent a long, hot week in Shady Side where we had the mast removed and work done; including mounting the radar on the mast, re-wiring, added a loud hailer and a better deck light.   It was really something to see the mast come down.  While staying there, we sat through a violent lightening storm and I was glad we didn’t have a large metal pole sticking up!  Before they replaced the mast, I put a silver coin at the base for good luck!
  • I started experimenting with making jewelry using the seaglass and shells I found in the Bahamas.  It’s fun and much more portable than quilting on the boat.  I could become a serious bead-a-holic!  I still need to master drilling holes in the glass…
  • We spent a fun 10 days in Denver visiting Jen & Bill.  Saw a concert at Red Rocks, took a narrow gauge train ride in the mountains, took a tour of Bill’s newly completed water treatment plant (an amazing project!) and ate and drank really well.  Our granddog Jackson was quite the host (although he won’t share his carrots!)  We rented a car to visit Mike & Angie at their cabin for a few days.  Mike took us on some spectacular scenic rides across mountain passes and up to the continental divide.  We also took a trip to the Great Sand Dunes–who knew that the highest sand dune in North America is at the foot of the Rocky Mountains??!!
  • Skip is making tracks on the boat project list.  He re-did the plumbing and is working on re-wiring some stuff.  We’re getting a single sideband radio which is very involved to install.  We also getting the cushions reupholstered with ultra-suede fabric.  I’m very excited about that!
  • Bailey LOVES being home.  He can’t get enough sofa-sleeping time and there’s plenty of room to chase the flashlight at night.

I think those are the highlights.  I will try and keep up from now on…need to get back into blogging shape before we head south again!