We got back to Annapolis on Thursday evening after a long day of motoring all the way from the Great Wicomoco river.  We had left Hampton the day before and anchored in Mill Creek in the Great Wicomoco–one of the most beautiful spots on the bay.  We celebrated our arrival at Jabin’s in Back Creek with a quick macaroni and cheese supper before collapsing for the night.  It was a long 2 days. 

Sunrise - Great Wicomoco


We had arranged for a rental car for Friday but found that it wasn’t going to be ready until noon.  Our friend Joyce came through once again to help us by taking us over to the MVA to renew our driver’s licenses.  She dropped us off at the Enterprise place where we picked up a car.  The next order of business was to purchase new batteries for our cars at home.  Bailey knew something was up as we were driving home.  Once he was in the door he found all of his favorite spots and ran around like a puppy!  Later, he reconnected with all his friends in the neighborhood! 

Skip spent most of Friday afternoon getting the cars in working order while I did laundry and sorted through 8 months of mail.  Since there was nothing in the house we settled for a delicious sushi dinner out!  Skip left early Saturday morning for Annapolis where he was scheduled to take a first aid class (in preparation for his journey next year with Lady of Lorien going back to England.)  I took Bailey to the boat, dropped off the old car batteries and returned the rental car.  Once back on the boat, I CLEANED and sorted through the stuff to take home.  

In the evening we joined Rick and Eva on their boat for drinks followed by a wonderful steak dinner at Lewne’s.  That had to be the best filet ever!!  On Sunday we took tons of stuff off the boat and brought it home.  I sorted through the food and decided to drop a lot of it off at a food bank.  Moving clothes and putting them away also inspired me to be vicious and get rid of stuff I no longer need. 

Skip put together some stats on our trip–we left October 3, 2009 and returned May 20, 2010 after traveling 3293.5 miles.  We ran our engine 641 hours, did 6 oil changes and put in 421.6 gallons of diesel fuel.  We were in the Bahamas from December 21, 2009 through April 20, 2010.  The one thing I have to say (which I wouldn’t dare say until we got back) is that we didn’t have any engine failures!  Skip did an excellent job of preparing and maintaining our ‘beast’. 

Now that we’re home we’re looking forward to seeing everyone!  We’re off to the Sabre rendezvous this Memorial Day weekend…