We left the Savannah area on Tuesday and motored along the waterway with steady rain most of the day.  Thank goodness for our plastic enclosure–it kept us warm and dry!  After over 10 hours we anchored in Wimbee creek off of the Coosaw river.  As we dropped the anchor I could see the edge of the rain storm moving away.  With just a little drizzle left and the sun low in the sky we saw an amazing rainbow that soon had another one next to it.  I even saw a small bit of a third rainbow! 

Double rainbow


Sunrise in Wimbee creek


Leaving early Wednesday morning we headed towards Charleston.  Timing was important for making the bridge openings on time.  We picked up a good current and didn’t have any trouble making both bridges around Charleston.  The Ben Sawyer bridge was finally replaced.  It opened for us as a small tug and barge came through from the other side.  So far, all of the bridge tenders have been very courteous.  There’s nothing worse than a snarky bridge tender–we’re at their mercy! 

We tied up to the dock at Isle of Palms where our nephew Justin picked us up and took us to his home in nearby Daniels Island.  We were so excited to see Catherine again and meet their newly born son Joshua.  James had gotten so big and is walking and talking.  It was a hectic time for us to visit but they were so gracious.  We just enjoyed visiting with them and sleeping in a bed for the first time since December!  We spent all of Thursday just hanging out, watching TV and doing laundry.  Justin came home and made some delicious grilled chicken.  We felt bad asking him to drive us back to the boat in the evening but we needed to get an early start the next day.  It was a short visit but so much fun! 

Justin, Catherine with James and Joshua


Having fun with the babies


We left Isle of Palms bright and early Friday morning to head for Georgetown.  Along the way we were visited by the deer flies and their friends, the may flies.  It was too hot to keep our enclosure zipped so we had to endure them.  After several hours I remembered that I had some bug spray with deet.  That did the trick! 

Mike and Angie had gone offshore from Lake Worth, FL and were arriving in Georgetown that day.  They had a long trip but made excellent time going offshore.  They missed all of Florida and Georgia!  We arrived at Georgetown Landing marina in the afternoon.  There is a screaming current along their dock but David and his dog Bella helped us tie up without a hitch.  It’s a really nice place to stay.  Everyone is so nice, the showers are clean and it’s within walking distance of the downtown Georgetown area. 

We had a grand reunion with Mike and Angie whom we hadn’t seen since we left Orchid Bay in the Bahamas.  Dinner at the restaurant next to the marina was excellent–the food was good but the service was a little slow.  They had just reopened a few days ago and still needed to work out some kinks in the kitchen. 

It was really hot and humid on Saturday as we walked into town for lunch.  The Nina and Pinta replicas were docked at the waterfront.  We had seen them before when we passed Beaufort.  We ate outdoors (in the shade) at the Big Tuna right on the waterfront.  The food was good and the beer cold!  On the way back we stopped at the local fish market to see what they had to offer.  A white heron was guarding the shrimp buckets.  I think he called dibs on anything that fell on the floor!  I saw fresh crabmeat and couldn’t resist it.  We had delicious crab cakes for dinner! 

Nina and Pinta


Angie and Mike


Wilbur guards the shrimp


We originally planned to leave on Sunday but decided to stay another day.  High winds were predicted and some of the bridges won’t open if it goes about 25k.  It wasn’t too bad at the marina.  The wind turned around to the north bringing cooler breezes and no more smells from the paper factory.   We did some boat chores in the morning.  I still can’t get used to having as much water as I want to use.  As it was Mother’s Day (a reason to celebrate!) we walked into town again for lunch at the Goat Island Grill.   The food was delicious.  I had a crabcake (not as good as mine, of course!) stacked between fried green tomatoes on a bed of corn mush with a Benedict sauce and tomatoes.  

Turtles or stumps?

We decided that we were too full for a big dinner so we had drinks and a light meal on Lady of Lorien.  I made Eva’s famous salmon dip (just smoked salmon mixed with cream cheese sprinkled with pepper) and Angie cooked up some shrimp and a piece of king mackerel that a fisherman offered us. 

We left early this morning and are almost to North Myrtle beach where we’ll stay at the Lightkeeper’s marina.  We have several friends from work who retired in this area and are looking forward to seeing them tonight.  We should be in Wrightsville beach tomorrow!!