A long day of motoring on the waterway finally brought us to the dock at the Isle of Hope marina near Savannah.  We arrived right at 6pm and they had already closed.  We tied up to the fuel dock (as instructed) and retrieved the marina information and key from their mailbox.  It was lovely to walk ashore after a long, bouncy day.  We were both tired and hungry so we called for a delivery pizza.  I was happy when Skip said “Why don’t we stay a few days.”

Skip grew up near Savannah and has a lot of memories of visiting the city during his childhood.  Since the buses don’t run on Sundays we decided to wait until Monday to go into the city.  We spent Sunday relaxing and cleaning up the boat.  In the afternoon we borrowed the marina’s courtesy car and took in the usual sites–West Marine and Walmart!

I was excited to finally meet a whippet!  Both of us had read the hilarious book “Narrow Dog to Indian River” about a British couple who brought over a narrow barge boat to travel the Intracoastal waterway.  They had their dog Jim aboard who is a whippet.  Most people don’t know what a whippet is (just as most people think Bailey is a border collie.) 

Zoro the whippet

We walked a few blocks and hopped on the city bus for the ride into Savannah.  What a great deal–$1.50!!  The day in Savannah was spent taking a trolley tour (it was too hot for a walking tour) and lunch at Mrs. Wilke’s Boarding house.  We waited in line for an hour to get in but it was well worth it.  They serve southern food family style–large tables share the serving bowls of food.  There was a lot of food!  We enjoyed meeting folks while standing in line and then we got to have lunch with them too!  Skip remembered eating there 30 years ago and he said it was just as good.  I really liked the fried chicken, biscuits and turnip greens.  As hungry as we were we hardly made a dent in all of the food at the table.

Lovely squares in Savannah
Lots of food at Mrs. Wilke's

We left Isle of Hope today and are making our way towards Charleston.  It’s cloudy and drizzly but at least it’s not stormy.  We just had a nice conversation with Dream Catcher — a boat we met in Georgetown.  They have a great blog too (see my sidebar.)

We were happy to hear from Mike and Angie on Lady of Lorien.  They crossed from the Bahamas yesterday and need to finish up their immigration business before starting north.  We hope they catch up with us soon!