We made it back to the Abacos today and anchored by Lynard Cay. It was 3 long days of traveling with mostly light winds and seas. We motor-sailed from Sampson Cay to Eleuthera and stayed at the Cape Eleuthera marina. It was completely empty, as usual. They must have a busy season–probably when the big fishing tournaments start. Yesterday we motor-sailed to the northern tip of Eleuthera and anchored just west of the entrance to Royal Island. There were 7 other boats anchored there so we figured it was okay. We joined their convoy today for the crossing to the Abacos. It’s always more comforting to travel with other boats even if we don’t know them. We just listen to the radio and glean information. Luckily, one boat reported the status of crossing ships from his AIS. Ours stopped working a few days ago (another project for Skip.) Two large cruise ships crossed out path today.

Today was a little rougher than I like but not the worst I’ve seen! Now we can relax and get ready for Jen and Bill’s arrival in Marsh Harbor on Wednesday!