If all goes as planned we will leave Sampson Cay marina and head for Eleuthera.  We’ll head out conch cut and make for Powell Point.  We want to be in the Abacos to await the arrival of Jen and Bill in Marsh Harbor on the 7th.

It’s been a great stay at Sampson Cay.  The weather turned ugly last night but we were safe and secure.  A good downpour even washed the salt off the boat!  We had a little excitement yesterday when a 50ft boat wanted to dock behind us in his usual spot.  The dock master asked if we would move away from the dock to let him come in.  We were reluctant as the wind was blowing pretty strong.  They moved us back and as the 50 footer tried to dock they realized that there wasn’t enough room.  So, we cut loose and Skip turned us around.  Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck!  The dock hands helped us a lot.  We ended up with our bow sticking way out off the end of the dock (they should really only charge us for half a slip!)

The beach is so beautiful here at low tide.  You can walk straight across the sand flats.  I took Bailey with me in the morning and he walked in the water up to his belly.  I held him tight and put him in the water.  He didn’t seem to mind it because it probably cooled him off.  He got a nice bath later in the day.

Bailey likes the water
Holding Bailey in the water

Today was good for blogging and relaxing.  The winds finally calmed down and turned north.  I feel sorry for those boats anchored off the marina.  They must have had a rough night!

Since I have nothing else to say, I close with a picture of Skip mooning me–see what I have to put up with??!!