Moondance in Georgetown

I can see why people like staying in Georgetown.  We’re still anchored near town behind the Peace and Plenty hotel.  Skip can easily make a run to the water pump each day to keep our tanks topped off.  The dinghy dock behind the grocery provides easy access to town.  Best of all, we’ve met so many nice people here.  I did laundry the other day and had fun just talking to cruisers.

Hiking group

We met up with Valerie and Graham (Bonnie Lass) and Diane and Pete (Pearl) for a hike to the monument at the top of the highest hill on Stocking Island.  It was a little steep getting up there but not too bad.  The beach on the Exuma Sound side of the island was beautiful and calm.  At low tide, you can really see the rocky shelf along the edge.  A beer stop was in order when we got back!

View of Hamburger beach anchorage
Beach at low tide


Earlier this week I heard from another cruiser whose dog was very sick from the tick borne disease.  We haven’t been taking Bailey ashore much although he does get to take long dinghy rides and play his flashlight game on board.  It’s gotten a little hot for him to run a lot on the beach.  Anyway, in gathering local information I found out that the vet here recommended a tick repellant spray in addition to the usual medication.  We took the dinghy down to the vet’s office near Jolly beach to purchase some Adam’s spray.  I’m still really nervous about the whole business…

The Bahamian Heritage festival started yesterday and will run until Saturday.  We had lunch there yesterday as they were still setting up the music stage.  Last night we could hear the gospel music playing until very late.  Tonight is Rake n’ Scrape music–we’re going to check it out!

One thing that I’ve found to be very interesting is the conversations amongst women cruisers (without their husbands/partners around.)  We mainly talk about food but other topics that get pretty lively are the strict rules about using power on the boat (microwave, lights, opening the refrigerator, etc.) and criticism on boat handling.  All in all, I feel pretty fortunate that Skip doesn’t restrict power use (he loves to run the engine!) and we’re pretty equal when it comes to making decisions when handling the boat.  It’s difficult living in such close quarters and both of us need to make a lot of concessions.  That’s not to say we don’t have disagreements or the occasional big blow up…

Weather predictions look good for the next week.  Rick and Eva arrive on Monday so we’ll set sail for the northern Exumas on Tuesday!