Great Exuma - Georgetown area

Our Georgetown experience has been interesting so far.  We’re certainly learning a lot about anchoring here!  We moved from Sand Dollar beach to Volley Ball beach because we wanted to be closer to the action and get out of some of the choppy seas.  We moved to the outskirts of the anchored boats but it’s very difficult to judge where the boat will end up after you drop the anchor and it sets.  We were close to another boat by our standards but all of the boats were close together here.

We went ashore right after the cruiser’s net so I could join the yoga group on the beach.  It was a good session but I forgot to bring some water and got a little dizzy towards the end.  I ended up not feeling good the rest of the day—must have been gotten a little sunstroke.  Anyway, we heard on the radio that another boat closer in was leaving so as soon as he lifted his anchor we did as well and moved to his spot.   Again, we were close to other boats but it didn’t seem like we were close by Georgetown standards.

We had a nice evening ashore with Dave and Trudie from Persephone.  After watching the sunset we enjoyed a good meal at the Chat and Chill – the bar right on the beach.  Sometime in the middle of the night the wind picked up and all of the boats in the anchorage started to swing around.  I looked out and saw a boat in front of us that was way too close for comfort.  The guy on that boat was shining his high-powered flashlight at us.  I woke Skip and he went forward to take a look.  He didn’t think we would hit each other and the wind was too strong to let out more chain.  We were both up for the rest of the night watching and worrying!

At daylight, we high-tailed it out of there!  It was tricky getting our anchor up as we drifted very close to the other boat.  I was a nervous wreck!  We heard the other boat talking on the radio to another concerned boater.  He said that he had out 140 ft of chain (in about 8 ft of water!) and had been anchored in the same spot for over 3 months!  We put out a reasonable amount of chain for the depth and conditions—around 75 ft.  The differences in scope caused our boats to swing in different arcs.  Anyway, we learned that it’s not necessarily good to be closer to the action—I’d rather sleep well at night!

 We crossed the harbor and anchored in Crab Cay.  I had read on Persephone’s blog about their experience here.  It was dredged for a marina development that never made it.  The harbor has deeper water than what’s shown on the charts.  There were only 5 other boats here and the surrounding hills made it nice and calm.  I took Bailey ashore where I met a fellow cruiser who warned us that we anchored too close to the edge of the dredged area.  Once the wind shifts, we would likely be aground.  Oh no, up goes the anchor again!  We moved closer to the entrance where we had plenty of room.  Oi!!

So far, so good in Crab Cay.  We don’t have wifi and we missed the dance on Friday night but I’m not complaining.  It’s worth it to be safe and comfortable!  Besides, I needed a good night’s sleep before I could function properly again! 

A passing front on Saturday brought us some nice boat-washing rain.   The Georgetown radio goof-balls were in fine form that morning.  A panicked person reported a boat loose from a mooring that was bearing down on anchored boats.  There was a frenzy of activity as people in dinghies tried to secure the loose boat and anchor it safely. In the middle of it all some very childish people added commentary regarding their lack of trust in moorings and then started clicking their radio send buttons when others told them to shut up and leave the channel clear for emergency communications.  Unbelievable how adults can act sometimes, especially anonymously on the radio!

As the rain approached, we got a running commentary on the radio: “It’s aining at Monument beach”, “It’s raining at Volley Ball beach”, “It’s raining at Kidd Cove”…  I sat up on deck and watched it approach.  It looked like a wall of water coming through – pretty cool!  We had joined the other boaters in preparing for the rain by scrubbing down the decks to remove all the salt and hanging items on the lifelines we wanted to rinse off.  I even put on my swimsuit and took a little rain bath!  As you can tell, rain is a pretty exciting event in the Bahamas.

I had an interesting conversation on the radio with Vivian on Second Chance regarding the problems with tick-borne diseases and dogs in the Bahamas.  She’s a close friend of George and Julie (Seaquel) and she lost her Portuguese water dog to the disease last month.    Other cruisers had warned me about their dogs getting seriously sick from tick bites.  We’ve been keeping Bailey away from any brush, trees or grasses and just letting him run on the beach.  Even so, I’m very worried about him getting sick.  According to Vivian, the type of tick-borne disease in the Bahamas is an epidemic and the usual preventative drugs used in the States don’t work.  She gave me the phone number for the vet in Georgetown and I will contact him to see if I need to get a different type of tick preventer for Bailey.  I may also either call or email his vet back in Baltimore to find out if there’s anything else we can do to keep him from getting sick.  Something else for me to worry about…

Sunday morning was calm and beautiful in Crab Cay.  We slept in a little due to the time change.  I spent the morning rummaging through the provisions stored in our ‘garage’ trying to make a little more room for when our guests arrive next week.  I was able to consolidate a few boxes but we still have plenty of food!

Something funny…after I was finished Skip put the boxes away.  I thought he was either in the aft cabin or on deck.  I called him 3 times and he answered but I couldn’t find him.  How can that happen on a 38ft boat??!!  Turns out, he was in the forward cabin behind the bulkhead looking for a book to read!

We took Bailey ashore for a run before pulling up the anchor once again and making our way closer to Georgetown.  We anchored in ‘swimming pool clear’ water near Peace and Plenty where we anchored last year.  After a trash and water run we had a fun happy hour last night with Val and Graham (Bonnie Lass) and enjoyed getting caught up with them. 

Today (Monday) we finally have a wifi signal!  We’ll head into town later to do some errands.  It’s a little rolly this morning but the wind is supposed to calm down later and it doesn’t sound like any bad weather is coming this week.  A music festival starts on Thursday so we plan to hang around and listen to rake ‘n scrape!

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I’ll get busy today!!