Skip promised to write a blog post ever since we left in the fall. Bailey had his turn so here is Skip’s ramblings:

A Bridge Too Far?

I’m not a bumper sticker kind of guy but I have one, and only have one, which says “Life is too short to sail an ugly boat.” For me this is major philosophical position. That attitude is also one reason why we own a Sabre.

Ah, but life often require compromises and that is no more apparent then when cruising on a sailboat with limited storage and living place. Living on your boat for 8 month stretches makes you accept the practical over the aesthetic. Bottom line you begin to strap more and more crap on your rails and cabin top and begin to look like the boats I always found amusing before becoming a cruiser. I said to someone we met recently that I had owned a really nice looking boat until it morphed into a Winnebago.

Our first season, we realized that we would be lifting and dropping the dinghy every day to take the dog ashore. (Little did we know that our little Einstein would grasp the concept of using a potty mat to do his business.) Even if we had known, getting a heavy RIB would have eliminated the possibility of storing the dink on the foredeck. So the first step was the davits…


Then we added solar panels so we could cut down on the time we would have to run the engine at anchor…

Solar Panel

We knew diesel stops may be few and far between so we added a board to lash the jerry jars…

Jerry Jugs

The first season we thought we were going to freeze on the ICW and we even found some chilling days below the Tropic of Cancer. Not to mention the often howling wind that made sitting the cockpit uncomfortable. When we got back we decided to add a room to the house, so to speak, and ordered new canvas with a full enclosure.

Canvas Enclosure

This brings us to the final insult. We were in Ft.Pierce provisioning before making the passage to the Bahamas when we realized we could make more room in the aft lockers if we could move the fenders. So we procured two fender holders like the ones you see on power boats and strapped them on the forward stanchions.

Fender Holders

Low and behold, we could store two cases of Coke, a case of tonic water and a couple of six packs of Ginger beer in the vacated space. Very practical and very ugly!

I have to ask the question “did we go too far”?